Senior Edition: 2017

senior map

For our final issue of the year, The Knight Times presents The Senior Edition, celebrating four years of the Class of 2017, their final week at school, and their plans for the future. What are their favorite memories of Kings? Most embarrassing moments? Where will they be in five years? But most importantly, where are they headed to college? The map above shows where in the country our seniors will be next year to start their college careers.
Click the map to view the interactive feature. Zoom in and tap a pin for a list of who is attending each school.

Senior Edition: 2017
Senior Wills …


All students hold something that is special to them like a friendship, a sport, a teacher, an experience that they will never forget. But below are experiences so precious to the Class of 2017 that they want to pass them on. Presenting the “Senior Wills” …

“I, Dom Karvelis, will to Upcoming Students power through all the hardship thrown at you.”

“I, Dustin Dezarn, will to Caleb Dezarn the calculator we’ve shared since I was in 7th grade.”

“I, Tegan Bays, will to Addison Bays my spot in the Kings Choir Program.”   Read more of this post

Senior Edition: 2017
Five Years from now …


The Class of 2017 is the future. Whether it be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a field that interests them, starting a masters degree program, going on to med school, starting their careers, or living their dream life in a spectacular location, this is where Kings’ current graduating senior class sees themselves five years from now:

Evan Bowman-Still in Ohio, probably unsure of my career path.

Claire Galberg-Out of college, possibly pursuing a masters, traveling and on my way to my first million. I’ll have a lot of cats I know that for sure.

Brendon Michael Vernon Guerin- Graduated and working for a hedge fund line Point72 Asset Management or an investment bank like Goldman Sachs.

Kirstin Mumbeck- Still in college, getting a masters.

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Senior Edition: 2017
Time for Confessions


After four years in high school, most seniors have broken a rule or two. We asked the Class of 2017 what their best senior confessions were, and this is what we got …

Kyle Glennon: “Campfires.”
Lauren Goslee: “I haven’t locked my locker all year.”
Chloe Super: “I still have a copy of Brave New World.”
Aaron Knific: “Once my friend wrote a fake note and gave it to the sub to get us out of study hall.”
Kirstin Mumbeck: “It is a little known fact that Hennessey killed a man in the third floor pool which is why we aren’t allowed to go there.”
Claire Galberg: “I still have a class copy of Slaughterhouse Five… and I still haven’t read it.”

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Senior Edition: 2017
Favorite Memories of Kings


A big part of the high school experience is making memories. As graduation creeps closer, the Class of 2017 reflected on the good times they’ve had at Kings:

Erin Ryan: Winning the talent show with Clair Galberg

Noah Edwards: Senior spring break, our grade really came together.

Katie Pihl: Obviously senior spring break to Siesta Key ….  Read more of this post

Senior Edition: 2017
Novels continue atop favorites list


The Kings High school experience may or may not involve reading a few books for your English class. The Knight Times asked seniors what their favorite books from those classes were, and here are the results from the few seniors who acknowledged reading a novel at all.

To Kill a Mockingbird: Katie Davalos, Emily Flecker, Avery Roe, Jackie Baronti, Justin Edsell, Alex Fliegel, Aaron Knific, Maddie Lewis

Brave New World: Camryn Gostel, Avery Young, Claire Galberg, Sam Purkiss, Chloe Super, Domas Karvelis, Kyle Glennon, Ethan Cain

Great Gatsby: Maguire Stinson, Clay Spivey, Erin Ryan, Michael Havrilla, Haley McCrory, Megan McMahon, Andrea Montenegro, Erin Muenchen, Kirstin Mumbeck, Taishi Okamoto, Gracyn Vazquez, Hunter Nosek


Senior Edition: 2017
Pippin, Drowsy Chaperone top stage favorites



Throughout the years, the Kings Theatre department has put on incredible shows. We asked the graduating class of 2017 what their favorite production was, with the top 5 resulting in Pippin, The Drowsy Chaperone, Beauty and the Beast, Almost, Maine, and Much Ado About Nothing. You can see which of our survey respondent  love which productions inside … Read more of this post

Spring 2017
KHS STEAM: Off to the races

electric car

This year the Kings High School Engineering II students have taken on a new challenge to design, construct, and race an electric car. They entered the Greenpower Electric Car Challenge, a project-based activity designed to help students to work with and understand technology and engineering on a higher level.

The students have been working on this car since the fall of 2016 under the instruction of KHS engineering teacher, Jason Shields, along with help from Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. and Belcan LLC.   Read more of this post

Spring 2017
‘Pippin’ wraps up weekend with final performance

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Kings High School Theatre performed its final production of “Pippin” Saturday night before a packed auditorium, with a celebration after in the school lobby.

Spring 2017
Lost Art: Reading as a pastime


Matt Knott, the science teacher on Team 8 White at Kings Junior High, has always made a unique request on his student’s class supply sheets. He asks that kids bring a book or some kind of reading material to class with them that they can turn to when there’s a lot of downtime.

Why? Knott says it’s all part of an program he came across from a previous Language Arts teacher. The goal? Teachers simply want their students to “get caught reading.” Along with Team 8 White Language Arts teacher Nicole Hindersman, the two developed a plan to reward their students for silent reading.   Read more of this post

Spring 2017
Team Captain Bilbrey headed to Maryland


Senior women’s Lacrosse player and well-respected Team Captain Jessie Bilbrey signed to Frostburg State University in Maryland on April 12, after making a verbal commitment back in November. Jessie is guaranteed a spot on the team and will have to fight her way to a starting defensive spot on the team.   Read more of this post

Spring 2017
The choice to serve your country


Not all seniors are going off to college and getting their degree then getting a job. A select few from Kings High are pursuing a life of service in the military, and they couldn’t be more excited.   Read more of this post

Spring 2017
Best of the Class: 2017

Val Sal-172

With Graduation Day coming up for the class of 2017, the students representing the class as Valedictorian and Salutatorian have been announced.

Hannah Rasmussen, Valedictorian, will be leaving high school with a GPA of 4.689 and an ACT score of 34.   Read more of this post

Spring 2017
LAX lands Ryan a D3 scholarship


Erin Ryan, a senior at Kings, is a lacrosse commit to Marin University in Indiana. She will be a part of Marion’s second year lacrosse team and a major in their nursing program.

Ryan started playing lacrosse at age 13 in the 8th grade for Kings, since then she has become the starting line for defense and a dedicated member to the Royals summer lacrosse league. Erin will be receiving her second varsity letter this spring.   Read more of this post

Track & Field
Incline To The Finish Line

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The 2017 Kings Track and Field team volunteered at the annual Incline to the Finish Line on Saturday, April 22 at Saint Joseph’s home in Cincinnati. The 5K event has been a Track and Field tradition for years and helps benefit those in the area with disabilities. Full gallery of the team and participants inside.

photos by Evan Warner

Athletic Signing Day

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A new crop of Kings High School athletes signed on to their futures Wednesday in a special ceremony in the gymnasium.  Click here for a full list.

photos by Emma Hunt: Kings High School Yearbook

Giving Back
Community Service Reflection Night

Thursday night the Kings High School community gathered at the high school as the Class of 2017 shared how they gave back through their Community Service graduation requirement. After an assembly in the auditorium, staff, students and their families fanned out into classrooms and the seniors presented their projects.

photos by Lydia Berg

Sneak Preview
KHS Senior Art Show

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The KHS Senior Art Show is Thursday, April 6 in the Media Center. The exhibit will be open to the public during Community Service Night festivities, with a reception at 7 p.m.

photos Emily Charneski