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The Student News Site of Kings High School

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The Student News Site of Kings High School

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Suicide Prevention Awareness Week starts September fourth and ends September tenth. However, Suicide Prevention Month lasts all of September. Dealing with suicide feels lonely, but the mounds of research and help available give students hope to not feel alone
What to think about in September, an important focus this month: Suicide prevention
Oliver Mack, Web Manager • September 18, 2022

September is Suicide Prevention Month, a month of learning, recognizing warning signs, and providing resources for people in need. Over 733,230 people worldwide have committed suicide this year.  Suicide...

police vehicles stood on guard outside of school as students entered the building
Possible security threat calls for escalated police presence
Kyle Dane, Managing Editor • September 16, 2022

High school principal Doug Leist issued an email after school Thursday regarding the safety of students and staff after a student reported that the words, “don’t come to school Friday” were written...

Sheriff emblem on Deputy Downs office door in the main hall
New on campus: safety and security monitors patrol the school
Kyle Dane, Managing Editor • September 9, 2022

The resplendent quetzal is a South American bird known for its beautiful green plumage and its association to the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl. Quetzals were so valuable that they were protected under Mayan...

The room is set up to make the students feel as comfortable as possible, with soft lights and calming music students can adjust to their preferences
The mind peace room: a resource for students' mental health
Paige Dwyer, Editor-In-Chief • September 19, 2022

The mind peace room was brought to Kings to help students find ways to take better care of themselves and give them resources to use when managing their mental health. Students’ mental health has always...

In anticipation, the Kings student section raises their hands for the kick off
Kings high school seniors bring excitement to friday night lights
Senola Johnson, Staff Writer • September 15, 2022

7PM. Friday nights.  Stadium lights. The student section gets ready for a night of thrill. Seniors pump up the night with wacky outfits hoping...

Wordle - Fall is here
Wordle - Fall is here
Oliver Mack, Web Manager • September 23, 2022

Wordle - Back to school
Wordle - Back to school
Oliver Mack, Web Manager • September 16, 2022
sometimes it feels like summer flies by
Sleeping the summer away
Brooklyn Campbell, Staff Writer • September 9, 2022
Crumbled up and busted March Madness bracket thrown in the trash
My bracket is busted, and that’s okay
Tom Barta, Sports Editor • March 27, 2022

March Madness. I’ve always thought it was the best postseason in all of sports. Better than the NBA, NFL, MLB, and certainly better than the college football playoff (expand it to 12 teams, please...

Dance Gavin Dance drummer, Matt Mingus, checked into rehab at the end of September, indicating for us all to take a break from our harried lives before it spirals out of control.
Can we just take a break?
Alyssa Martin, Editor in Chief • December 10, 2021
Sami, 10
Sami, 10
Sophia Jeng, Managing Editor • March 23, 2022

¨I play basketball and lacrosse. I’ve been playing lacrosse since third grade. A long time. It is a big commitment and dedication. My mom is very athletic too. She does a lot of sports and she encourages me to do them too....

Miles, 12
Miles, 12
March 8, 2022
Naomi,‌ ‌9‌
Naomi,‌ ‌9‌
February 9, 2022
Brendan, 10
Brendan, 10
February 2, 2022
Sex education leaves out the discussion of LGBTQ+ sexualities and genders in the curriculum
Ohio’s students lack regulation in health classes
Lexi Hackney, Arts and Entertainment Editor • February 18, 2021

Ohio is one of twenty states that doesn’t require formal sex education in public schools. As a result most schools teach abstinence based sex education or none at all. School districts make the final...

Students and educators are navigating new ways to combine modern lessons of diversity with traditional curriculum.
Lack of diversity in literature curriculum leads English teachers to challenge the status quo
Kayla Estrada, Editor-in-Chief • February 16, 2021

They spelled her name wrong.  One of the most accomplished columnists from her time, with pieces featured in the Boston Evening Traveller, Cosmopolitan,  and College Humor, Katharine Brush became...

Current Career Center student discusses her personal decision to attend the Career Center and the stigma surrounding the school.
Truth vs Stigma: Who is the Career Center for?
Josiah Taylor, Broadcast Editor • February 4, 2021

Josiah: Hello everyone. Welcome to the Knight Times podcast. I am Josiah Taylor. And today we are going to be talking about the stigma surrounding the career center and the importance of what goes on there,...

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