Updates on Coronavirus

Updates on Coronavirus

  • Governor Mike DeWine announced yesterday that all schools in Ohio will be closed starting Monday, March 16th for three weeks.
  • Administrators are meeting at 9 am this morning to decide if online work is going to be mandatory. Mass communication will be made once a decision is reached.
  • Homework over the three-week break will be optional, teachers can still post assignments, but no grades will be taken.

March 22

  • DeWine issued a “stay-at-home” order that will begin Monday at 11:59 pm. Essential businesses such as grocery stores and health care facilities will stay open and walking outside is OK.
  • There is really nothing in that order that we have not already been talking about,” said DeWine. “There’s nothing in that order that I have not been asking you to do for the last week or so.”
  • 351 confirmed Ohio cases; 3 deaths; 83 hospitalized 
  • Cases by county: Warren (3), Hamilton (19), Butler (17), Clermont (5), Clinton (1), Greene (1)

March 23

  • The Ohio National Guard has been deployed to help local food banks
  • Dr. Amy Acton said the number of cases is going to rapidly rise
  • Once the “stay-at-home” order ends on April 6, the state officials will reassess the situation
  • 442 confirmed Ohio cases; 6 deaths; 104 hospitalized
  • Cases by county: Warren (5), Hamilton (26), Butler (17), Clermont (5), Clinton (1), Greene (1)