Entertaining Ourselves Through Quarantine


John Krasinski records in his home office to share positivity with his viewers. Via Some Good News, Youtube

Joey Bauer, Staff Writer

To say that things have been inconvenient would be the understatement of the decade. Corona virus has left us in a dark sea of uncertainty and boredom. Through all of this, a lighthouse of entertainment and opportunity illuminates us; we are reminded this is a time we can utilize to explore what makes us happy. 


In a survey sent out from The Knight Times, 86% of respondents say they have been kept entertained during quarantine. Of the 113 who answered, senior Olivia Gatto said that she’s been kept entertained by “Some Good News,” a weekly series on YouTube made by The Office’s John Krasinski. The series, which was made during quarantine, tells stories of positivity and brings together celebrities to instill hope in its viewers.


“Some Good News reminds me that there’s still so much good happening in the world,” Gatto said. “It sounds cliché, but being reminded that our lives are still impactful has been so important to me. It reassures me that we all can make our own meaning out of this situation and find a purpose.”


Gatto believes SGN has “connected a lot of people and given them hope when they need it the most.”


Another respondent, junior Elizabeth Norgren, says that she got into painting since quarantine began.


“I have always loved art; back when I was hospitalized with an eating disorder I used art as my major distraction, but painting specifically,” said Norgren.  “I took a bible study journaling class and she taught us the simple things of watercolor. Time was running out but I wanted to keep going: it was so much fun. So I was so bored during quarantine and I knew I had to find something to do and I ordered the watercolors.”


Norgren uses painting to combat her anxious thoughts and keep her busy, especially with her new system of selling hand painted bookmarks for people suffering during these harsh times.


“I have made lots of donations to give back to people in need,” said Norgren. ”Overall this experience has been quite difficult but painting has made it more than okay, and turned it around.”


Norgren is “so thankful that life has slowed down.” She has spent time with her family, been able to reflect, grown spiritually, and become much more organized.


Examples like these that show quarantine is what you make of it. No it’s not exciting, but it could be. During this pandemic, a lot has been taken from us, but with the removal of everything comes the realization of what we value (miss) most.


“I hope that people allow themselves to grieve what they have lost because of the coronavirus, but we should also celebrate what it can teach us about community and our interconnectedness,” said Gatto.