Freshman basketball team faces loss of season due to quarantines


Josiah Taylor

Increase in quarantines has the freshman basketball team grappling with the potential of a season shut down.

After a basketball player tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, October 22nd, 27 players have been quarantined.

The football team had a similar situation right before their season started when 2 players tested positive and quarantined a significant portion of the team as a result.

At the start of the school year sports seasons were questionable because the school didn’t know if COVID-19 was going to spike or go away. Scientists such as Dr. John Brownstein who was interviewed by ABC news, predicted that there was going to be another spike and that worried many students participating in sports.

Parents and staff  worried about keeping athletes safe while still playing. 

“[We are] Social distancing the best that [we] can, limiting options and practice as far as contact and the drills that they are doing,” said Tyler Miller, Athletic Director. “It’s all online ticketing now in the winter. Basketball is going to have less than 100 people. It’s going to feel very different. It’s a ton of different pieces going together to make sure you guys are able to play and be safe.”

The Ohio High School Athletic Association requires athletes to maintain physical distancing while not on the field or court of play,  face coverings while not on the field or court of play, reducing or greatly eliminating unnecessary travel, reducing or eliminating sharing of common equipment, and reducing or eliminating contact frequency with student-athletes from schools and non-interscholastic programs outside of each school’s league/conference or normal competition sphere.

Basketball players are  worried that there is not going to be a season.

Corona has made this season of basketball very difficult and frankly I don’t think the season will get cancelled because our school has done such a good job at enforcing regulations to keep us safe,” said freshman Jacob Reppeto.

Most of the athletes liked the OHSAA regulations to keep them safe, but  parents worried about how they were going to enforce the regulations 

Well I think it just starts with, you know, we’re getting better as the year goes on. I don’t think anybody’s been perfect on it, and it just has to become part of your routine and just reinforcing what it is that we have to do to make the season work right. We enforce the regulations so hard because we just want the athletes to be safe and to put on hand sanitizer and masks as a habit,” said Miller.peybeast