Covid technology’s lasting impact: The Knights Baked Delights


Hannah Ruschman

A photo of the zoom meeting for The Knights Baked Delights

The Kings Baking Club, humorously dubbed  “The Knights Baked Delights”,  began amidst covid in November of 2020 after students picked up the hobby over quarantine. Now, this previously non-existent club continues to thrive through technology that arose from the pandemic. The club hosts its meetings over zoom, as the members collectively bake a recipe from the club’s google classroom.

The Senior club leaders Kylie Michalak and Hannah Ruschman started the club with Mrs. Hennesy as the supervisor hoping to give people something to look forward to during this time of struggle. 

“We started the Baking Club as a way to bring people together from all different grades during covid,” Ruschman said.

People flocked to join in on the fun. 

“I joined because it sounded like a really fun way to get to know more people and learn new things,” Senior Erin Thompson said.

Members seem to have come for the baking and stayed for the club dynamic, with several members praising the leaders and other members of the club.

“My favorite aspect of Baking Club is the group dynamic, it’s such a fun mix of people that all uplift and are so kind to each other,” Senior Madelyn Thibodeau said.

The Baking Club has made different recipes together, such as Auntie Anne’s pretzels, strawberry shortcakes, and sugar cookies. However, the club doesn’t only bake during the meetings.

“Kylie and Hannah give us the directions and recipes and while the item is cooking we play games and talk to everyone,” Senior Kate Barrett said.

However, Ruschman and Michalak don’t want the club to fall into stereotypical gender roles, as right now the club is lacking in male participation.

“We sometimes have men join and would love for more,” Ruschman said.

According to Winsight Grocery Data as of May 2020, sugar and flour sales have jumped by 130% and 221% respectively, reflecting the growing popularity of baking through the pandemic. For the Knights Baked Delights baking isn’t just a “pandemic activity” but a lifelong skill for everyone to enjoy.

“I definitely plan to keep baking as I get older and I have to thank Kylie and Hannah for starting such a fun club,” Thompson said.