Environmental club drives the community to recycle


Kyle Dane

The environmental club’s collection bin outside the front office.

The environmental club organized a drive to collect old light bulbs, hangers, and towels from the community in an attempt to spare the environment of these products being thrown out.

“Overall, a lot of waste is brought about by simple reusable items. Some of these items will be reused such as the light bulbs or the hangers, and some are being donated to a local animal shelter such as the towels, blankets, and magazines,” Noelle Adler said.

The environmental club’s firm consistency gives them the sponsors and supporters they need for their fundraisers.

“We did two drives during the winter last school year and they were really successful and we are hoping for the same turnout,” Nicholas Marchal said.

While student participation was limited in volunteering for the drive, Principal Doug Leist announced that all students could bring donations to the drive.

“Honestly, anyone can participate by donating. For the first drive, I think we are just going to have Environment Club members and some members from the Community Service club to help out. However, if we need more volunteers we might be able to open it to others in the future,” Adler said.

The club wants the community to practice recycling and other environmentally friendly behaviors.

“The purpose of this drive is to engage with the Kings community to practice environmentally-minded thinking and to collect certain recyclables that might otherwise end up in the trash,” Marchal said.