Revenge: Homecoming loss to rival Winton Woods motivates end of season wins

Kings Knights kick off into the third quarter against Anderson.

Kings Knights kick off into the third quarter against Anderson.

Under the big lights of the Homecoming game, the Knights suffered a heartbreaking loss against their rival, Winton Woods, their first loss in the 2022-2023 season, making their record 8-1. Kings outside linebacker, Hunter Jones, was not able to play in the anticipated match, due to a suspension in the West Clermont game.

“It was one of the worst feelings to not be able to play alongside my boys with everything going on and how much that game meant to not only our team but the community,” Jones said.

The Knights had been on a huge hot streak, going 10-0 in the 21-22 regular season until losing to Winton Woods in the regional final. The momentum in the rivalry has been favoring Winton Woods though, as they won 28-23 in this past game and won 31-21 in a playoff game during the 2021 playoffs.

With the homecoming game behind them, the Knights look to continue forward and win the rest of their games.

“We are looking to finish the year 9-1 and make a big run in the playoffs,” Jay Holubetz said, a senior captain on the football team.

Through the entire season, changes have been made to keep the football players ready to face any team. With challenging teams in the conference, the team must be prepared to battle any threat preventing them from victory. 

“We have made lots of adjustments to ensure that our bodies are healthy and ready to go every Friday,” Holubetz said. “Our coaches have made it clear that they believe this is the year.”

The seniors realize this will be their final season of highschool football. And the final chance to take home some victories that have eluded them in the past. They look to capitalize on it and have memories that will last.

“Us seniors know that this is it for us and we want to leave it all out there to make a huge run,” Holubetz said. 

TJ Hoolehan, a junior on the football team, believes that the team is able to make a push for the state championship and end their season off with a victory.

Hoolehan acknowledged that it may not look possible right now after losing to Winton Woods last week and cutting it close with a 3-5 Lebanon team in week 8, but the Knights continue their work to face off against the other powerhouse teams in the playoffs. 

“We have some work to do to get our revenge on Winton Woods in the playoffs [this year] and hopefully win our first regional and state championship,” Hoolehan said.

With a win against Anderson, the Knights could enter the playoffs with momentum, possibly facing off against Winton Woods and getting revenge for the previous losses handed to them.