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Dana Bezman

D. Bezmen

Kings Going Green BEZMENKings Local Schools for the past few years has had a mission, a mission to go green and help the environment as much as possible.

This year the district continues to make improvements and be more “environmentally friendly.” With efforts to try to reduce, reuse and recycle, Kings is showing progress.

The recycling efforts are very important to Kings administrators, especially Steve Waldmann, Kings Business Manager Administrator and Director of Kings recycling efforts.

“When you see the effects of plastic bottles on our waterways its very easy to develop an interest in recycling, the real challenge comes with changing behavior,” Waldmann said.

Another supporter of this process is Elisa King, High school social Studies teacher. King is also one of the head organizers for the National Honor Society. She said she is also interested in helping conserve energy in our community.

“In the past we focused on bottle recycling but now we also focus on paper. The goal is to generate less trash,” King said.

The National Honor Society helps lead this practice because it is a large group with many members which makes it easier.

King and the NHS has some goals for the future of Kings recycling, such as offering more recycling during football games, making a compost or garden and also pushing students to recycle more in the school cafeterias.

In order to make this program successful Kings needs full and support and participation, according to King,

“People need to make sure they recycle and reuse water bottles. Being aware about the harmful effects of not being environmentally friendly generally help motivate people to do the right thing.”

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It’s the little things …