The power of giving: How Zach Simonson discovered the joy of helping others without cost


In the water, Zach Simonson taking senior pictures. Photo Credit Bianca Simonson

Ian Stewart, Staff Writer

Upon hearing a conversation with a widowed wife struggling to earn enough money to keep her house (let alone keep her yard in check), a young entrepreneur comes to her aid. After hearing her story, he decided to mow her yard free of charge all year, on top of the other 12 yards he committed to mow weekly.

Zach Simonson “has a heart to help people,” said his mom, Bianca Simonson. He ties his helping heart to his belief in god. God calls upon us to lend a helping hand and Simonson answers the call. Growing up in the church Simonson and his family have always been willing to lend out a helping hand. 

“I think it [faith] is the most important part of my childhood honestly, because it taught me how to love and taught me how to treat people,” Simonson said. 

“Tim Tebow [former NFL QB] says to help God’s MVP’s which normally you would think of as the most valuable player but the way he put it [means] God’s MVPs are the most vulnerable people. God calls us to help the people who are in need,” Simonson said. 

Simonson explains that his family has been nothing but supportive in his successes. He values family above all else.

“Always been a really tight family because we are a big family that used to live in a little house all bunched up together, so I guess that’s what made us so close,” Simonson said. “But I feel like today people don’t realize the short time they have with their family more than they value the importance of it.”

Simonson says that his father has been a stand out in his life. Trent Simonson’s sacrifices for his family to provide for them was very admirable to a young Simonson. His father’s traits inspired Simonson to become the kind of stand-up man he is today.  

“Seeing how hard he’s worked and done to make sure that we are taken care of, whether it be food, clothes, and putting a roof over our head,” Simonson said. “Everything in his life is for the benefit of us.”

Simonson’s father not only provided for his family, but taught him valuable life lessons and skills to encourage Simonson to be successful in whatever he puts his mind to. 

“He’s the guy who taught me to do everything. I started with a push mower then he trained me how to use a big zero-turn walk behind, how to use a trimmer, how to mix gas for fuel,” Simonson said. “He taught me how to do everything.”

Simonson uses the skills he learned from his father to create a successful and well run lawn care business. He deliberately focuses on work ethic and doesn’t take shortcuts.

“It’s how I’ve been raised. I pride myself in my work even with something as simple as mowing a yard,” Simonson said. 

This summer Simonson is planning on already mowing his 13 yards but he also wants to expand to 15 if he can get help from his little brother. He wants to pass on some of the skills learned to his little brother.

“I’m going to donate two yards to him so he can start working,” Simonson said.

The future is bright for the young entrepreneur because he’s doing what many others aren’t at his age. Simonson doesn’t spend his time playing video games, he researches new ways to grow his business and his knowledge. 

“When most kids are gaming Zach is researching,” said Bianca.

Simonson wants to expand his portfolio and invest into real estate. He believes the more avenues for positive earnings would create a stable income. 

“I believe real estate is going to allow me to live, provide and protect my family financially and allow me to give back to my community and help those in need,” Simonson said.

In 50 years Bianca sees Simonson “Retired. Retired with a beautiful life and family helping as many people as he can.”