Security With a Smile
Downs on Patrol

RESOURCE OFFICERThere is a new face around the halls of KHS. John Downs, a Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy, is now the school’s resource officer.

Amanda Bledsoe

A. Bledsoe

Downs, a Middletown native, is in his first year working as a Student Resource Officer in a school.

“I’m very eager to be here,” said Downs. “I can’t wait to get to know the students.”

A typical day for Downs is helping out with traffic, patrolling the building, and just generally helping to maintain order. But more importantly, he said he is here to build relationships and help students with any problems they may have.

Anyone who follows the news realizes that there is violence and crime in schools. Tragedies seem to have become part of our culture. In response, school districts all over the country are exploring ways to improve student safety.

Dr. Valerie Browning, Kings superintendent, said she feels that Kings will strongly benefit from Downs.

“Hiring an SRO (student resource officer) is to protect the students on the high school and junior high campus,” Browning said. “Statistics show that crime is significantly reduced in schools where an SRO is present.”

With the help of Deputy Downs, KHS faculty continues its efforts to improve safety. Downs said he sees his role as larger than just security.

“I want people to know I’m not only a police officer but also someone you can talk to,” he said.  “I’m excited to be working here at Kings. I’m thankful for this opportunity and all the new people I’m going to meet.”

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