Peace of Mind
Arrest made in Stonebrook burglaries

McKenzie Metzger

M. Metzger

breakin2Early in the morning on Sept. 12, a loud round of barking awoke Stonebrook neighborhood resident Debe Meredith.

She had originally heard a noise but went back to bed thinking it was nothing. Then, when her dog Daisy started barking, she went down to see what was wrong.

It was about 3:30 a.m. When Meredith reached the first floor, Daisy ran to the door and then to the window. Meredith thought Daisy was just acting up.

 “I didn’t think anything of it,” she said.

She stuck her hand through the window. That’s when she realized the screen was missing (see photo above).

The Merediths had been burglarized. Meredith initially thought that nothing was gone, but then she realized that her purse and her son’s iPad were gone. Her bank cards, kroger plus card, insurance card, and license were all gone. She had to cancel all of them.


Debe Meredith’s beagle, Daisy, may have scared away a burglar.

Meredith said that her initial reaction was stress. She thought about everything that she had to do. It seemed very unreal to her.

“It was just odd,” Meredith said.

Meredith called the police, who by that time had already responded to several break-ins around the Stonebrook neighborhood, located on Ohio 48 about 5 miles from Kings High School.

Now, just two weeks later, the burglaries appear to be solved. On Sept. 21 police arrested Eric Isaacs, 35, and charged him with possession of criminal tools, receiving stolen property, and aggravated burglary.

According to police, Isaacs was arrested after a Lebanon car accident and confessed to several crimes.

Meredith said their home air conditioner had been broken so they left their windows open. Unfortunately, this gave the burglar easy access. He cut the screen and entered through the family room. When Daisy scared him off, he went out through the door.

“I almost wonder if I hadn’t stopped to put my glasses on if I would have seen a body,” Meredith said.

The first night after the break-in Meredith said that she was home alone.

“I made sure that the lights were on and everything was locked.”

She said that she now makes sure that she puts valuable things away and that everything is locked up every night. Meredith said that you have to be more secure.

“Unfortunately, things like that have to happen for us to be more aware,” she said.

Deputy John Downs, KHS Resource officer, said break-ins of this type are rare.

“They don’t happen a lot,” he said. “They happen sporadically and hit all over.”

Downs said residents can take action to prevent such break-ins.

“Make sure there are lights, and that it’s well lit,” he said.

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