Giving Back
Power Pack helps kids in need


Carley Stelmack

C. Stelmack

Power Pack is a program that benefits underprivileged kids in the Kings community, allowing them  to receive food to get through their weekends. The program was created by Nona Peyton, a member of Village Community Church, about four years ago.

The program began when some teachers noticed that students would come to school on Mondays suffering from headaches. Some were unable to focus in class, often because they had not eaten enough over the weekend. Now, thanks to the efforts of students and staff across the district, these students are not only guaranteed a free breakfast and lunch at school, but are guaranteed food on the weekends.

Peyton decided to call the program Power Pack. On Thursday of last week, right after school dismissed, the high school lobby was buzzing as dozens of students packed up food for these families. On an average day, about 270 packages of food go out to the community.

Peyton said the efforts not only help families in need, but helps Kings students understand the value of giving back.

“I hope this is a big eye opener for the students and that they will continue to give back to the community throughout their lives,” she said.

Students who benefit from the program receive six different meals in their bags, as well as snacks. All of the food is easy enough for them to make without the help of a parent. It can be anything from pasta to cereal bars. All of the food is donated from Village Community Church and Rivers Crossing Community Church. Kings students pack them up and send them out.

Peyton said she appreciates of all the hard work the volunteers do and is happy to live in such a great community.

“Doing Power Pack makes me feel great and I am so grateful for the community,” she said.

Power Pack also allows Kings students to earn community service hours. Junior Autumn Mathias has been participating every week since she was a sophomore and said she really enjoys it.  According to Mathias it makes her feel good knowing she is making a difference in the community.

“It’s a good thing to do, and it helps families in need,” she said.

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