Election 2013
Kings School Board Results

With all 31 precincts in the Kings Local School District now counted, voters have re-elected one school board veteran while adding two new members to the ranks, according to results from the Warren County Board of Elections.

Stowers School Board - Baker-Hicks

Bonnie Baker-Hicks, now serving her 12th year on the board and current board president, will add another four years to her tenure. As the top vote-getter she received 1,685 votes on Tuesday, or 27.14 percent of the total votes cast for school board.

BobHinman School Board

The second-place finisher was newcomer Bob Hinman. The longtime Kings resident and Knights sports announcer received 1,647 votes, or 26.53 percent of the total.

Stowers School Board - Grant

Placing third and capturing the final board seat was another newcomer, Kim Grant, who received  1,492 votes, or 24.03 percent of the total.

Fifteen-year school-board veteran Hale Husband, current vice president of the board, placed fourth in the race, losing his seat by only 107 votes. Husband received 1,385 votes, or 22.31 percent of the total.

Final unofficial results were posted at 9:22 p.m. Tuesday. As elections officials predicted, turnout was low in this off-year election. In Warren County, just 35,515 of the 144,023 registered voters (24.7 percent) turned up at the poles.

For full election results, see the Warren County Board of Elections summary. For more details on the Kings Board candidates, see The Knight Times pre-election profiles.

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