And the Oscar goes to …

The entertainment awards season is underway and the most important one is approaching fast: The Oscars.

Valerie Hamilton

V. Hamilton

This past year has introduced amazing movies that will make you laugh, cry, and even become angry. But the question at hand now is: Who are the best actors, best actresses, and the overall best movie of this past year?

The Oscars committee had a tough choice this year, but they managed to narrow down the many movies, to just a couple for the best pictures, and it is going to be a tough call, but I am going to give my best opinion about who I think deserves this convenient award, along with also deciding who I believe will be the best Actress and Best Actor of the year. Here we go!

Best Actor in a Leading Role

My Pick: Leonardo Dicaprio

It will be a tough shot with this one, but I think I am going to go with the underdog. The Wolf of Wall Street was a strange role for Leo, and surprisingly it worked. It made you laugh and cringe, and made you really think about how society really is. Dicaprio took this role by the horns, and owned it, making you hate him in the process. Also, fun fact: In all of Leonardo’s many years of being nominated and being an actor, he has never once won an Oscar, I think this year may be his chance.

Best Actress in a Leading Role

My Pick: Sandra Bullock

Gravity really blew me and other critics out of the water this year, and honestly it all was carried by Sandra Bullock. Bullock deserves an Oscar for her performance here, as you really saw her passion on screen, and you felt for her in a way you will not want to understand. Honestly, I think she is a blowout winner, but there is a big chance the Academy may choose a safer choice, like Meryl Streep. I am not saying Streep is a bad actress on any level, but I really think this year Sandra Bullock deserves it.

Best Picture

My Pick: This one has to go for the most gut-wrenching, sad, movie of the year, 12 Years A Slave.

See the trailer above for a movie that leaves you feeling pure disgust for the past and how we treated African-American people like animals. You get to see all the pain that Solomon Northup goes through, a free man living life as a slave. It is really hard to watch at times, but I believe that this movie is a must-see for anyone to really truly understand what we as Americans did in the past, and hopefully learn to not repeat it.

The Oscars will be a tough call this year, but this year needs to be celebrated because the movies we loved will impact the movie world for years to come.

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