Tune Up
Learning Guitar at SLE

BUCKEL- Guitar club

Rachel Buckel

R. Buckel

The Kings School District offers many opportunities for participating in student clubs and activities. Even in the elementary schools, students are involving themselves in the social community through after-school clubs.

For almost a decade in South Lebanon Elementary, the Guitar Club, started by principal Randy Willis, has taught 4th grade students the joys of music; in particular, the joys of playing guitar.

“I have played guitar for about 39 years now and it’s a fun instrument to play. I played in a few different small bands when I was younger and eventually I thought it would be a good idea to teach some of the students how to play,” says Willis.

For many students in the Guitar Club, the inspiration to play guitar was started by a family member. For 4th-grader Peyton Wyatt, guitar playing was inspired by her grandfather.

“My grandpa played it and wanted me to learn, and I thought it was cool so I joined the club” she says.

As an instructor, Willis says that, “It really is fun to watch the students’ skills increasing as the club goes on,” and that although the first day is always tough, “students eventually start to play and write their own music.”

With skills learned while in the club, collectively, the fourth grade participants want to keep practicing the guitar throughout their lives, teaching siblings and friends how to play along the way.

“As long as I’m here at SLE, the Guitar Club will be here,” says Willis.

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