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On Feb. 23, a little bit of hoops history took place at the Kings Education Center.

One of Kings’ multiple recreational basketball teams came out of their Sunday game with a 100-27 win. Tommy Bruns, a South Beach Legends player, said the team knew something special was happening after the first quarter.

“We scored 26 points in the first quarter and decided that we needed to try to do that each quarter,” Bruns said.

Bruns used to play high school basketball on the JV team his freshman year and then played varsity his sophomore year. Going into his junior year, Bruns decided to join a recreational basketball team that had started with KHS graduate Ryan Anthony. This year the team is led by Matthew Fowler.

Within the last quarter the Legends had 98 points, and in the last three seconds teammate Brady Steward made a steal and scored the last two points giving the team their amazing score. Bruns said that the Legends barely practice but that their team is undefeated.

“We did what no rec team has probably ever done before,” said Steward.

Some of the appeal of rec basketball, according to these players, is that there are fewer practices, less intense tryouts, and more time to give to other sports and academics.

The Legends, like a high school team, play other area rec teams from all around here like Milford, Mason and hoops2Loveland. Teams get actual uniforms and also get spirit wear.

According to Bruns and Steward, both retired high school basketball players, playing rec benefits them tremendously. Many of the players play other sports in addition to basketball.

Bruns said that he plays rec so that he has more to time focus on varsity football. It allows for time to do homework, other sports, and have time for friends.

The Legends are losing four seniors this year. They plan on having a senior night just like high school basketball does.

And it’s not just for the guys.

Junior Alyssa Wright, Nati Nightmares basketball player, joined the basketball team for the first time. She said she had never thought of playing high school basketball but this gave her the chance to play basketball and hang with friends.

“It’s so much fun and my team just goofs around the whole time,” Wright said.

Kings High School has 50 rec teams formed. You can go to to get schedules and see the different teams.

All in all, rec basketball is a fun, relaxed choice for busy or inexperienced players. It gives you a chance to experience a whole new sport.

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