2014 KHS Musical
‘Crazy For You’


Olivia Wright

O. Wright

Rehearsals are officially underway for the Kings High School spring musical, “Crazy For You”. This classic broadway hit is full of romance, comedy, and tap dancing- a feat that KHS hasn’t attempted since 2009 with “Anything Goes”.

“The thing that makes learning to tap dance so difficult compared to other dance forms is the fact that it is audible. So the performer not only has to be a dancer, but a musician as well,” said choreographer Amy Burgess.

KHS sophomore Grant Abbott said, “I was a little nervous when they announced that the show had a lot of tap! I had never tapped in my life.”


As the male lead, a large amount of tap dancing is required of Abbott, so he has been taking private lessons since the show was first announced.

“My feet hurt always,” he said. “There is a fair amount of stress being a lead as an underclassman and having to live up to the performances of people like Zack Middleton and Hunter Doebereiner.”

MIddleton and Doebereiner, both recent Kings grads, were known for their standout performances on stage. Doebereiner now performs at Miami University and last fall — as a freshman, no less — scored the lead role in the Miami Theatre production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”

“Crazy For You” female lead Maddie Kilgore, a KHS sophomore, agrees that though she feels honored to have the opportunity to play a lead as an underclassman, the task holds a lot of stress.crazyforyouWRIGHT

The other thing both leads agree on is their excitement to work together again, especially as romantic interests.

“Falling in love with Grant in the show will be easy since I have been doing shows with him since seventh grade. He’s so much fun to work with and so professional,” said Kilgore.

Grant jokes that the two of them dated each other in seventh grade, which makes the kissing scenes less uncomfortable.

Overall, the whole cast and the director, Scott Hayward, agree that though it’s a very challenging show, “Crazy For You” will be unforgettable. Between the humor, drama, and impressive dancing of “Bobby and the Follies” (pictured above), it will be two hours of pure fun and enjoyment.

“Crazy for You” will open April 10 and run until April 12. Tickets go on sale soon.

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