Helping Out
Foreign language tutors visit KME

German - WOLF

Kings Junior Sean McLeod helps KME students learn German.

The advanced students in the high school language department have been visiting Kings Mills Elementary to teach third grade pupils French and German.

Grace Wolf

G. Wolf

Fours years running now, KHS German teacher Christine Köenig has been supervising and managing her highest level of German. This year, the honors German 3 students Visit KME every Friday and teach students from Mrs. Bersani’s and Mrs. Jones’ class.

Frau Köenig was born and raised in Germany, and has been teaching at Kings for 11 years now. She explained why she keeps returning to KME each year.

“Its very rewarding to finally see the students use what they have learned over the course of only three years of being taught German,” she said.

French 4 student Brooke Albers, a Kings junior, said she enjoys teaching children simple words, such as greetings and goodbyes, numbers, and colors. She said she motivates her students by rewarding them with candy, and also praising them when they get the answers correct.

“Even though they aren’t the fastest at learning french, all of them are very excited to be there and try something new. I enjoy going over there and teaching children very much.” Albers said.

On top of earning community service hours, all of the high school students teaching German and French get to experience what a being an actual teacher feels like. Köenig said she sees teachers blossom out of her students.

“They learn to appreciate what teachers really do for their students. I like to see how creative the students can get with teaching little kids- it shows a whole new side to them.” Köenig explains.

Not only is teaching a foreign language to third graders fun, but it is also rewarding. Albers proclaims one of the many reasons of enjoyment in getting to teach French.

“This is the first cultural experience generally most kids get,” Albers says. “They find enjoyment in almost anything that is new to them.”

Köenig also states one of the perks the students get from being a german teacher,

“They will idolize you — whether you like it or not.”

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