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French Club samples cuisine

La petite france BERMAN

Helaine Berman

H. Berman

On Thursday, Apr. 24 the Kings High School French students applied their language skills to a real world situation.

Students traveled to La Petite France, a French restaurant in Sharonville, Ohio that offers an authentic French experience. Students who are at least in French II were able to attend with teacher, Kathy Daggy.

The trip allows the students an opportunity to speak French while experiencing French customs and traditions.

“The students speak French while they’re eating and have real French cuisine,” Daggy explains. “It’s also a good way to reinforce good table manners.”

Daggy also likes that she can bond with her students and eat great food while they all practice their French.

“I like watching the students interact. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the students outside of school, and we get an hour and a half for lunch,” Daggy adds.

Kings High School Junior, Jacob Meyer, has been taking French since seventh grade and loves that the school visits the restaurant annually.

“Going to the restaurant is one of my favorite parts of the year,” Meyer said. “It helps me with my French and I get to speak to some actual French people.”

Meyer also noticed the differences between French and American cuisine.

“The portions there are much smaller, but the food is just as filling. The best part was dessert. I got the chocolate mousse, but some other people got creme brulee. Everyone loved it,” tells Meyer.

The trip to La Petite France is a fun experience, but being able to speak French is an important skill that could help anyone who wants to work or travel internationally. Daggy hopes that students will continue taking French because it is a very marketable skill.

“French is more widely known in the global economy than Spanish. It’s also one of the language of the European Union and it’s one of three languages used in the olympics,” Daggy said. “From a world view it’s more prominent than Spanish or German, but knowing any foreign language will open doors for people.”

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