Cooling Off
You can do the Whipty-Do, too


Grace Wolf

G. Wolf

For four years running now, the local ice-cream establishment has flourished within the Kings Community. With their famous blue ice-cream and sprinkles, as well as their location across from Landen park, no wonder Whipty Do has become so popular. Whether there are soccer games, baseball or softball games, you can always find a team at Whipty Do for a post-game treat.

Sophomore varsity softball player Chrissy Ramsey said she loves going to the fun little ice cream place,

“The blue ice cream cone with sprinkles is my favorite thing to get, I also like going to see my friends work there because its a friendly environment.” Ramsey said.

The workers there include, of course, students from Kings, Loveland and Little Miami. Rachel Garritano, a junior from Kings, described what she likes most about working at Whipty Do.

“I really like working with all of my friends,” Garritano quoted.

Garritano has been working there for two out of the four years Whipty Do has been open. She also touched on how difficult the crowd gets sometimes.

“We had a line wrapped around the whole building and through the parking lot once. “ Garritano added.

Owned by husband and wife; Kristen and Joe also touched on how popular their ice cream stand is by the locals,

“Sunday nights are the most crowded for families, and after a sport game on saturdays are most popular for teams,” Kristen said.

Whipty Do has also gained its popularity through networking, such as twitter. By interacting by Kings students and telling them to come, as well as having a random raffle called “Fridge Friday”. Fridge friday is when workers spell out twitter users’ name who won a free item of their choice from the menu.

Rachel Garritano touched on how evolved the place has gotten,

“Whipty Do has grown so much within the past four years, and its going to just improve from here. I’m excited to see what changes will come,” Garritano said.

Follow Whipty Do on Twitter: @whiptydo

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