Top of the Class
Hard work pays off


Olivia Wright

O. Wright

Kings High School recently announced the Class of 2014 Valedictorian, Taylor England, and Salutatorian, Daniel Woodall.

The pair spoke with The Knight Times, to share how they rose to the top of their class, and where they plan to continue their success.

In the fall, England will be attending The United States Military Academy at West Point, to study Chemical Engineering. After her four years of training, she hopes to specialize in infantry, which is not yet open to women, but it is her goal and hope for it to be open by the time she gets there.

Joining the military and excellence in her academics have been the top priorities for England during her school career. With guidance from KHS Vice Principal Ron Corradini and KHS chemistry teacher Joyce Wittig, England has excelled in the classroom and has earned A’s in 13 AP classes over her four years at Kings.

“Being Valedictorian has been a goal of mine since sixth grade,” England said. “Now I’ve achieved it and I’m still stressed. There’s still a lot of pressure, but it’s just really awesome. I‘m so excited.”

England has always been not only academically dedicated, but very active in extracurricular activities, including lacrosse, soccer, student council, national honors society, math team, and fellowship of Christian athletes (FCA).

“It’s not that hard to balance everything, I just keep a tight schedule: school, practice, homework, sleep, repeat,” explains England. “I’m not Valedictorian because I’m the ‘smartest’, I’m just the hardest working.”

In the fall, Salutatorian, Daniel Woodall will be attending the University of Illinois to study computer and electrical engineering, with a minor in computational science.

“I’m studying this because to me it just sounds fun,” Woodall said. “ It sounds like a good time.”

Woodall has also been involved in plenty of extra curriculars including cross country, indoor and outdoor track, chess club, math team, academic team, and Sasquatch club.

His advice to students is to not be afraid to take fun classes, regardless of the effects on GPA, which he states is his biggest regret in high school.

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