KHS bids goodbye to 3 teachers

Retiring Teachers FRYE

Haley Frye

H. Frye

As the 2013-14 school year reaches a close, Kings High School says its goodbyes to three of its most devoted and cherished teachers: Jane Stufft (above), Joyce Hestle, and Gary Schearing.

Stufft and Hestle have both been teaching English during their time at Kings. Meanwhile, Schearing is a physical education teacher.

These teachers have each been devoted to the Kings District for a very long time. Jane Stufft, currently finishing her 26th year of teaching, says she will miss the welcoming environment of the district.

“I think I’ll miss the sense of family I have experienced as a part of the Kings community. My coworkers, the students, and their families have been supportive in many ways over the years,” said Stufft.

One of the ways was displayed when Stufft was battling cancer. Her “family” showed their support and compassion for the teacher by recognizing her during a basketball game, all of which was led by students.

“I was moved by the initiative and effort it took to make that happen and the support I received from them that night and throughout that year,” said Stufft.

Another teacher who enjoys the students of the high school is Joyce Hestle, who is in her 31st year of teaching.

“I will miss getting to hang out with the kids and goofing around with them,” said Hestle.


Joyce Hestle

While all of these teachers have memories and experiences that they will cherish, they agree that there are some things they will never miss.

“The only thing I won’t miss about teaching is grading papers. That’s a no brainer,” said Hestle.

After years of experience, even these seasoned teachers have found that even though they teach students every day, sometimes the students end up teaching them.

“I’ve learned not to assume anything. I’ve learned how much I don’t know,” said Stufft. “I’ve learned that just as I can change the perspective of my students, they can change mine. I’ve learned that there’s way more to most of them than they choose to let people see.”

Hestle has plenty of experience with kids who have more to them than meets the eye. She says she has learned not to “prejudge before getting to know someone.”

Overall, however, Hestle says there is one lesson that she specifically has learned throughout the years that sums up the experience of teaching.

“Expect the unexpected.”

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