What would you do differently?


If you could change something about the high school, or your experience, what would you do differently?
When Seniors look back on their high school experiences, they often wish they could change something about them. Here is how they responded in our survey …

“I would…

“Be more social” -Samuel Parrott

“Be friends with nerdy kids earlier because they rock.” -Claire Sichterman

“I wouldn’t blow off freshman year, and get the highest GPA possible.” -Miranda Anderson

“Change the start and end time of the school day” -Emma Belanger

“I would not change a single thing, High School is perfect” – Olivia Wright

“Get rid of freshmen…and put coffee in every room” -Allison Herndon

“Have no one wearing cargo shorts” -Brian Carter

“Have had a top locker more than one of four years…Emma Belanger…” -Stephanie Bennett

“Be more confident and outgoing. I would do more things and get more involved” -Kate Etter

“Have worried less when I was younger” -Claire Fonner

“Take my underclassmen classes more seriously” -Jennifer Niemantsverdriet

“I would smile more, and take classes for the love of studying, not the desire for just another high GPA” -Alicia Kizyhock

“Take more enjoyable classes, get to know teachers and stuff better” -Jackson Schueler

“Have done choir and tried out for the musical!” -Kristen Sevier

“I’d do more things to remember when I’m older. No matter what the consequences” -Robby Frye

“Not get hung up on girls” -Matt James

“For high school not be so strict and for people like me aren’t talked down to” -Bo Firstenberger

“Get everything done early. Don’t procrastinate” -Matt “Lefty” Fowler

“Try to pay more attention at the beginning of the year so it isn’t as hard later” -Claire Curtis

“I would make the school warmer, it’s cold!” -Hannah Reckman

“Not take physics in hopes to get an honors diploma” -McCaulley Longwell

“Focus on my grades more Freshman and Sophomore year” -Adam Hunt

“Study harder and branch out more and earlier” -Cara Thomas

“Graduate early” -Tyler Newdigate

“Change the way people look at each other. There is a potential friend in every person you meet and see.” -Emily Orr

“Change my academic habits that stuck with me ever since freshman year” -Andrew Lake

“Get more into clubs and community service/be a more well-rounded person” -Taelor McCarthy

“Not have made the school focused on sports. I would also add a mudding club” -Colin Ellison

“Have more fun and worry less” -Taylor Hamlik

“Have worked harder as a freshman” -Victoria Lake

“Get involved in more clubs” -Kelly Sudbrack

“Get involved more” -Rachel Lake

“Take more honors classes and get better grades freshman year” -Joy Ficke

“Get more involved” -Taylor Jenkins

“Tried getting closer to the friends I have now, four years ago” -Arden Jestilee

“Go slower and savor it more” -Jeremy Vandever

“Learn how to study more effectively” -Stacy Stuart

“Be more involved in things” -Adrienne Vanbenschoten

“Go back and do a little more work” -Kallan Harshbarger

“Have taken more Robison classes to get college credit” -Michael Ovington

“Try harder freshman year” -Ethan Clark

“Take the ACT more seriously” -Josh Woody

“Have wanted to probably get suspended one time” -Ashlee Roberts

“Work harder freshman year” -Abby Groome

“I would have school start later!” -Darcy Kircher

“Spend more time with my friends” -Stephanie Fadayel

“Have worked harder in my classes freshman and sophomore years” -Allison Hoyle

“Get involved as a freshman, and take my grades seriously” -Jacob Wires

“Change the pettiness between groups of people. Everyone should be friends” -Emma Martin

“Have taken more AP classes to help with college” -Gretchen Ingling

“I wish I got to know everyone in my senior class on a more personal level” -Nadia Bayyari

“Take the time to get to know people from different groups and just try to meet different people because there are some awesome people who I didn’t get to be good friends with” -Katelyn Smithberger

“Hang out and be social with more people. Try harder in school” -Katlyn Horner

“Push myself to make friends outside of my core group more” -Ben Herbert

“Change my outlook on soccer earlier and on freshman year of high school” -Zachary Guerriero

“Be more outgoing” -Rayne Schmidt

“Study a whole lot more!” -Callie Hill

“Be more carefree andnot be so nervous to fail or get in trouble” -Renee Saavedra

“Have gone with late arrival! Definitely worth the extra hour of sleep’ -Courtney Kelleher

“Expand my friend group/played baseball” -Justin Wade

“have the ability to branch out and expand my friend group” -Blake Hill

“Play baseball” -Kris Hacker

“More prepared and I would have liked to live in the moment more” -Maddie Kuhn

“We should get restaurants and Starbucks in the cafe” -Shelby Lee

“Just like the sharks said “fish are friends, not food”, girls listen up: boys are friends, not food” -Sophia Moriarty

“Push harder for a nap bell two days a week” -Ryan Maguire

“Bring different restaurants into the cafeteria” -Russ Lawson

“Take harder classes” -Jacob Izral Oldham

“I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve become who I am because of the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had.” -John McMullen

“Treat every year like it’s senior year!” -Collin Cooper

“Take grades more seriously when I was a freshman and sophomore” -Kylee Hensley

“Be nicer to the people around me” -Matthew Sanella

“Stand up for more people and help others more” -Caleb Deehan

“Work Harder” -Avery Drake

“Do good my freshman year” -Garrett Irwin

“Study more” -Anna Murray

“Going to Kings all four years instead of just two and not taking anything for granted” -Becca Kraeutle

“Hang out with more people” -Pedro A. Garcia

“I wish the bell that starts class was taken less seriously” -Jon Buckel

“I wish I was more outgoing Freshman year” -Alex Allee

“Nothing. It has shaped who I am today” -Haley Clutter

“I wish the realizations of high school were real during my freshman/sophomore year” -Alex Thomas

“I wouldn’t have played softball, and I wouldn’t have put off credits ‘til senior year” -Jamie Tudor

“Have made better relationships with my teachers earlier than senior year because one year isn’t enough time to be friends with someone” -Emily Wolf

“Try harder” -Victoria Kainey

“My freshman year I would definitely work harder to keep my grades up” -Sydney Zinser

“Asking Jayme out after reconnecting” -Dominic London

“Actually try during Freshman year” -Michael Pillman


by Rachel Buckel

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