Senior Wills


As they wrap up their final days as Kings students, the Class of 2014 took a moment to reflect on their legacies and share with The Knight Times a number of memories, advice and recollections from their past 12 years in school. One question we asked was, “What will you leave behind? And to whom? Here are the results: Our “Senior Wills”:

I, Jackson Schueler, will to Delaney Schueler, the noble blood of the Dart Wars Champion.

I, Alicia No-Middle-Name Krynock, will to Matthew Allen Francis Tracey all the sass in my bones, so you can rule the school as section leader of fun with bad puns, interpretive dance, and Korean culture.

I, Jen Niemantsverdriet, will to Rachel Lehn and Sam Leahy Sparkle Spray. Regardless of participation in Drumline, its your responsibility to cover all of the boys in glitter at some point. For some reason, I don’t think this will be a challenge for you two.

I, Jeffrey Martin, will to Cassidy Foley the making of the Baccalaureate video.

I, Casey Ryan, will to Matt Tracy the hand-me-down box of Woodwind Screwdrivers.

I, Matthew Wagner, will to Billy Pilgrim a sane mind.

I, Claire Sichterman, will to Kiley Maxwell the continuation of Boy Talks.

I, Frodo, will to Sam Wise, Gamgee.

I, Allison Herndon, will to Cassidy Foley and Maddi Kilgore the ability to encourage self worth and beauty in every single person you meet. The beauty of love, is loving all the beauty.

I, Emma Belanger, will to Leila Ashworth, talent.

I, Miranda Jade Anderson, will to Grant Matthew Abbott, the ability, responsibility, and insanity of Music Mania from now until you have the relief of Senior Willing it to the next young victim.

I, Claire Bobel Fonner, will to all the younger girls in marching band any information or knowledge or anything you can possibly ask me. I’ll answer anything you would like to know. I love you all 🙂

I, Kate Etter, will to The Carlin Triplets my State Jacket so they will have success at State for swimming, and always remember me.

I, Olivia Wright, will to, Cassidy Foley, the title of, “Mrs. Nichols Favorite Student.”

I, Brian Carter, will to, Gabbie Griffin the place of Quiz Team Captain when I leave. I would trust no one else with it. Take us to State!

I, Stephanie Bennett, will to, Morgan Reece the ability to pass on the awesome handshake that she came up with.

I, Kris Hacker, will to The Underclassmen of KHS AQT the tradition of Senior Night bow ties.

I, Christopher Caleb Deehan, will to Nic Wooten, Eddie Baumann, Dustin Acree, and Brennan Grey my two study that take place during 4th/8th bell.

I, Garrett Irwin, will to Jacob Irwin, to keep the Irwin name legendary.

I, Joy Ficke, will to, Grace Ficke, the right to the messiest locker.

I, Rachel Lake, will to Lizzy Woeste my honesty on the volleyball court and during drills.

I, Victoria Lake, will to, Michaella Ruschaw the ability to have fun throughout highschool and to live up the next three years you have as a highschooler.

I, Taylor Hamlin, will to Dana B. to not be late for school.

I, Collin Ellison, will to Stewart Levan my self respect- No Drugs; my inability to crumble under pressure.

I, Taelor Mccarthy, will to Kyle McCarthy to be the first male cheerleader at Kings High School. Carry on the McCarthy legacy, brotha!

I, Andrew Lake, will to Max Schowalter the power of the Little Bear.

I, Max Cunningham, will to Maggie Cunningham my intellect.

I, Tyler Newdigate, will to Mr. Corradini to keep up the Big Chair Club in our absence.

I, Cara Thomas, will to Brooke Conner, Shelby Bachmann, and Claire Middlekamp the nickname, “Idiot” and the ability to keep “Timber” as well as the Fab Five alive.

I, Adam Hunt, will to Tyson Livingston, Throw’s “Leader” and help other throwers when they need it.

I, Mccaulley Longwell, will to Ellie Jelinek the ability to glare into the optic stems of a member of the opposite gender.

I, Hannah Reckman, will to Anna Wyant my amazing math skills, and my admiration from all my teachers.

I, Claire Curtis, will to, Jay Kathleen Powers-Section leader of the Clarinet Section but don’t get Sophomoritis, and don’t be bossy.

I, Lefty Fowler, will to Trey Staton the complete honor of the LEGENDARY Red Jackets.

I Jacob Beard, will to Carl Schlehr a guaranteed bid at whatever fraternity I end up in at Miami University.

We, Luke Glischinski and Jacob Oldham, will to, Jacob Stevens the privilege to name his car the Chingone Mobile and transport the pitchers and equipment to the field, every game.

I, Katelyn Smithberger, will to Cassidy Charneski to be proud of who you are, get a high GPA and ACT score, and to join me at Ohio State!

I, Nadia Bayyari, will to Alex Taskermoore to enjoy senior year and take advantage of it. It will be one of the best years of your life.

I, Gretchen Ingling, will to Ben Ingling the legendary family name in soccer.

I, Jacob Wires, will to Bryson Wires the ability to be yourself, to be charismatic, and to make people smile.

I, Allison Hoyle, will to Emily Hoyle the talent of obsessive black coffee drinking.

I, Stephanie Fadayel, will to Alyssa Wright the ability to always stay positive in soccer.

I, Darcy Kircher, will to Michaella Ruschau the saying, “You mess with the bull, you get the horns” before every volleyball game.

I, Emma Martin, will to all the underclassmen choir kids, my sight reading skills.

I, Arden Jestice, will to Kaitlyn Gilbert my smart mouth and my strong bond with Wheeler.

I, Abby Groome, will to Sammy Kettler the luck to have constant silly and unfortunate medical issues-Sorry babe 🙂

I, Josh Woody, will to Gabe Tracy the name “Franchise” on the Varsity Baseball Team.

I, Ethan Clark, will to Abbey Clark to be the sassiest person in her grade, with no negative repercussions.

I, Anna Ventre, will to Delaney Schueler(AKA Beans) to always make boyfriend jokes if she has one or not.

As coach, founder, and starter of VSOD, I, Michael Ovington, will to, the remaining members of VSOD to remain G’s, and to carry on the legend forever…I know thats alot to ask for but I have faith. You’re VSOD for a reason. The school is yours to take.

I, Kallan Harshbarger, will to Connor McCollum, the Tenors.

I, Adrienne Vanbenschoten, will to Zack Handorf my knowledge about lots of things.

I, Stacey Stewart, will to Alexa Holland the ability to advance to districts in golf, and have a successful golf season.

I, Sam Kasuga, will to Isaac Slavens the Marching Band Football Corner in our stands. Take care of it, I know you will.

I, Pedro Garcia, will to Ray Pena the honor of representing Mexico and being the diverse varsity soccer players.

I, Blake Hill, will to Bryan Firsisch the nickname “Fratty” and ability to oversee the pledges.

I, Justin Wade, will to Willie Brewster the ability to beat Ray one on one in basketball.

I, Courtney Kellerher, will to Mackenzie Metzger the ability to always make people smile on the soccer team.

I, Renee Saavedra, will to Alec Saavedra my brutal honesty… and my car. If you crash it, I’ll kill you 🙂

I, Russ Lawson, will to Spencer Bultman the ability to actually get inverted and off the top of the pole.

I, Ryan Maguire, will to Kyle Handorf my captain spot on the football team.

I, Sophia Moriarty, will to Lillian Ashworth the Moriarty Hair Legacy.

I, Matt James, will to Cole Palmer to kick incredibly dope stuff 24/7 and keep it 100% all day. Brick Squad Monopoly or die. But for real though wife up Annie Morganroth. She dat girl on the real homie. Love you to death lil bruh. Ball out and most importantly, SWAG OUT!

I Robby Frye, will to Rey Canteria, my Mexican Flag.

I Kristien Sevier, will to Claire MiddleKamp, Brooke Connor, and Shelby Bachmann, my amazing training plan to keep us all healthy, and the legacy of the Fab Five.

I, Tyler Patterson, will to Matt Patterson my math skills, my knowledge of computers and my wisdom I have gained through high school.

I, Collin Cooper, will to John Powell the leadership position of the cult, Dead Girl Society and the team Varsity Squadron Five. Live on, John, live on.

I, Alex Allee, will to Mikaela Allee an excuse for every homework assignment she misses/doesnt do/ or any test or quiz she fails.

I, Alex Thomas, will to Bryan Firshich, Kyle Wegman and David Seplavida the Legacy of PO’s/ Chingones.

I, Jamie Tudor, will to Carley Stelmack all the clothes i stole throughout highschool.
I, Jamie Tudor, will to Taylor Bates my sugar gliders, Sugar and Flower.
I Jamie Tudor, will to Kelly Walker the job of taking care of Carley Stelmack.


by MIranda Anderson

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