New Faces
KHS welcomes three new teachers


Helaine Berman

H. Berman

Three new teachers have joined the KHS staff, including two new English teachers and one new business teacher. All three have past experience in education, and they’re looking forward to being an addition to the staff at Kings High School.

English teacher Jonathan Bitzer has taught English, mythology, and film studies at Goshen High School, and he has taught English classes at UC Irvine. This is not his first stint at Kings. Some may remember him from about five years ago as the student teacher of longtime English teacher Joyce Hestle, who retired last year.

“I decided to become a teacher because of the significance of English teachers in my life growing up,” Bitzer said.

Bitzer has taught a multitude of subjects, but English is his favorite because of the books they get to read and the relevance they have to people’s lives.

“I love teaching novels,” he said, “My favorite ones are The Odyssey (Homer) and The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (James Joyce).”

Bitzer’s experience doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Another interest he has is cooking.

“When I lived in California I was a personal chef,” he said, “I specialized in Mediterranean and Italian food.”

Bitzer is originally from West Chester and is glad to be in the Kings district. He said his favorite part is collaborating with his colleagues and getting to know his students. He hopes to become part of the community and be a person students feel they can talk to.

“I’m looking forward to contributing to a community and being a person that people can see at the grocery store and recognize when they’re with their friends and say Hi.“

Joining Bitzer in the English Department is Katie Wright who teaches 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. Before she came to Kings she taught at Princeton High School for eight years. She said she has had a good experience so far and is really enjoying her time at Kings High School.

“I love everything at Kings,” she said, “The staff, the students, the building: it’s all amazing. I’m so happy to be working here.”

Wright has wanted to be a teacher her whole life. Her mom and grandmother were teachers as well. She can’t Wright-bermanimagine doing anything else.

“I used to set up my stuffed animals like they were in a classroom and pretend I was teaching them,” she said, “I really want to help students have great lives.”

Wright also loves teaching novels and is looking forward to teaching the students to apply the lessons in them to their own lives.

“I can’t wait to teach the students on a journey through literature and writing,” she said, “My favorite part is teaching them how everything is connected.”

Wright is also the assistant girl’s soccer coach and she hopes to get to know the students and watch them grow.

“I’m looking forward to learning about my students and having their younger siblings in future years.”

Kings High School’s new business teacher is Darren Johnson, who has stepped in to replace longtime business teacher, Rob Robison. This is Johnson’s first year teaching, but he was an administrative assistant at Glen Este before coming to Kings. He also has experience in the business world. Before he was a teacher he managed a title company. He decided to be a teacher because he’s always liked working with high school students.

“I’ve always worked with kids, and I really enjoy it,” he said, “I’ve coached youth sports and I’ve always had a lot of fun.”

Johnson-bermanJohnson currently teaches Intro to Business and Honors Sports and Business Management. He’s been passionate about sports his whole life and played while he was in college.

“I played baseball at Jacksonville State University and UC,” he said,  “I also got to do spring training with the Reds.”

Johnson has loved how welcoming and helpful the kids and students have been and is looking forward to his career as a teacher.

“Working with kids is great. I’m looking forward to helping with their development.”

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