Growing Up
Viva La Difference


Maddie DePaoli

M. DePaoli

Four years can make a big difference.

As the years go by faster and faster we forget about what life was like in the past. Friends change, places change, and of course you as a person change, too.

So, other than physical size, what is the difference between being a freshman and a senior?

KHS freshmen Sophie Carlin and Lilly Richardson, and KHS senior Emme Mattaridi recently shared some insight into how high school can be such a different experience when you are, say, 14 years old and everything is new, versus being an 18-year-old veteran approaching the end of a four-year run.

Both freshmen can vouch that the high school is much different from the junior high. From having multiple floors and a lot more people in the halls, to changing bells between every class, it’s a lot to get used to.

“It’s much bigger, but you have a lot more freedom, so I like it better than the junior high,” says Carlin.

Having moved this year from Mason to Kings, Richardson is not only new to the high school, but new to Kings. She says she moved for the smaller class size and better academic programs.

“I like it a lot more because you can interact with everyone more and can be involved in more things. Also the teachers and principal know you better,” she said.

From the beginning of freshman year, everyone anticipates senior year and Mattaridi said she is ready to take on the responsibility as a high-school elder.

“There is definitely a new kind of energy, a desire to have one last hurrah before I leave my childhood behind. So, in a word, bittersweet,” she says.

Being a freshman, you’re taught to be prepared to work in high school, and both Carlin and Richardson are prepared for that.

“You did what your friends did and never worried about college in junior high. Now as a freshmen I’m already thinking about what I’m going to do with my future,” says Richardson

Mattaridi has thought about her future, but says she still isn’t sure exactly what she wants to do. She does plan on going to college.

“I plan on getting my basic classes out of the way and find a passion to pursue,” she says.

While Carlin and Richardson plan on getting good grades and getting to know everyone, Mattaridi has a little bucket list to accomplish.

“I’m going to try and do as many ‘once’ things as possible. You know, like go to every club once. Go to a game for each sport once. Say hello to every teacher once. It just feels like that’d be a nice way to get closure on this year.”

As the freshmen class starts their journey, the senior class will soon be coming to the end. Everyone has to start off from the bottom, but it’s all worth it in the end. With only one year left Mattaridi is happy to close this chapter of her life, and ready to open a new one in college.

“I’m excited to end the year on a good note. I want this to be the year that I look back and remember high school as. Not the awkward freshman year. Not the dorky sophomore year. Not the overly-stressed junior year. The totally amazing, effortlessly awesome, captivatingly epic senior year.”

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