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‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ goes viral

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Maggie Cunningham

M. Cunningham

The ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” is a charity event that is sweeping the nation through social media. The challenge and donations benefit ALS research and spread awareness of this disease (commonly called “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”). The trend has spread to Kings Local school district and everyone from students to administrators have accepted the challenge and passed it on to others.

Kings High School Assistant Principal Ron Corradini (pictured taking the challenge) said he took the plunge because he understood that it was for such a good cause.

“I saw an informational show about the disease ALS and the ice bucket challenge and then I really understood how great of a cause this challenge is,” Corradini said.

The challenge quickly spread through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter where a challenged person accepts the challenge of pouring a bucket of ice over their head or they can choose to donate $10 dollars to the ALS research fund. Then they must challenge 3 other friends to complete this task.

As of this publication, the ice bucket challenge has raised $110.5 million dollars in donations compared to last year’s spending budget alone of around $25 million. The challenge began with individuals diagnosed with the disease, such as Jeanette and Anthony Senerchia, Pat Quinn, and Pete Frates and his family.

Then, about two months ago, the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral.

All over social media, celebrities from Oprah and LeBron James to Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg accepted the challenge and also made donations. Through these celebrities the challenge really took off and became the new internet craze over night.

Kings High School senior Austin Seiter first saw the challenge on Instagram soon after the challenge went viral.

“At first I thought the challenge was just another phase going around, but then I found out that it benefits a great cause and I thought it was great,” said Seiter.

Since this challenge was taking off, many participants tried to change the style up and use their creativity to the challenge’s IBC1benefit such as filling up a truck bed full of water, jumping into an ice bath or creating a funny skit, like Seiter, to change up the norm and make the challenge their own.

“Even though so many people did the ice bucket challenge, I always like to change things up and a skit helped me show my creativity and have fun with it,” said Seiter.

The donations will be used for research, patient and community services, public and professional education and also to help the 38 chapters serving individuals diagnosed with ALS throughout the United States.

If you would like more information, visit the ALS Association.

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