Teachers in training


Reagan Heck

R. Heck

This new school year has approached with many changes, including a new principal and dozens of new students.

However, many people are unaware of several student teachers new to the district this year.

Student teaching is a task all future educators need to experience. It gives real life situations, and allows for college students to truly decide if teaching is their passion.

Benjamin Morehouse (pictured), currently attending Northern Kentucky University, is student teaching this year with KHS English teacher Tim Hicks. He said Kings was one of his top choices.

“I’ve never seen a high school as well off as Kings. Enjoying themselves, and everyone is nice. It’s a little utopia almost, and a happy atmosphere,” Morehouse explained.

Morehouse is eager to be a part of the Kings community, and looks forward to getting to know everyone involved in the school. He refers to himself, and all other teachers as eternal students who are endlessly learning from those around them.

For him, being able to help others is his lifetime goal, and he strives to make a difference in young people’s lives, and brighten their futures.

Morehouse is looking forward to connecting with his students on an educational level. He believes the most important aspect of student teaching is putting the students first and making them his major priority in his experience at Kings and all throughout his future career.

Morehouse looks forward to establishing his upcoming career as an English teacher or professor.

“I would like to teach at a college level, and I’m considering moving west,” he said.

Not only is student teaching an advantage for college students searching for their lifelong career, it helps the students as well.

Having two educators in the same classroom helps the high schoolers by getting the chance to know both teachers one at a time, and understanding new perspectives, and accepting new ideas.

Senior Samantha Paulson enjoys playing with the Kings Orchestra. This year, student teacher Rachelle Wolf is joining forces with Rana Southern to allow the orchestra to live up to its fullest potential. “Having a student teacher allows for more one on one teacher student interaction,” Paulson said.

Paulson looks forward to having the opportunity to learn new skills from both Southern as well as Wolf in her orchestra class. Having two teachers allows for a more advanced experience in the classroom. “I’m looking forward to a different style of teaching and a new perspective on the subject,” Paulson said.

Student teachers allow students to have the ability to take the most they can out of the class, and grasp the concepts more easily.

“Having a student teacher in the classroom allows for greater understanding and skill in the subject.”

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