Robin Williams’ overlooked gems

Valerie Hamilton

V. Hamilton

The tragic death of Robin Williams left millions of fans heartbroken.

His films, from the goofiest comedies to the darkest dramas, will stand the test of time. But there are some Robin Williams works, perhaps lesser known, that should be viewed by everyone, as they enhance the overall “Robin Williams experience” with tons of laughs, cries, and even some scares. Let’s explore some of them.

World’s Greatest Dad (2009)

This is personally my favorite movie by Robin Williams. This movie revolves around a teacher named Lance (Williams) who is trying his best to enjoy life. He is also a struggling writer who really can’t get a break. His son is a spoiled brat with a lot of problems. His life is a list of confusion and mistakes … what will he do about this? How will he stand out as a person in the world?

One Hour Photo (2002)

This spooky, dark, film brings out a different side of Robin Williams that will leave everyone breathless, but not from laughing. Robin Williams plays Seymour Parrish, a photo lab worker, who becomes obsessed with a family who brought him a photo. He even goes as far as to photocopy the photo and post them all over his walls. His begins to feed off of their energy and happiness. He wants to live with them. What will happen to this lonely man? Watch this movie to find out, while enjoying this extremely dark side of Robin Williams.


Insomnia (2002)

Another lesser-known, creepy film was in the “great films of Robin Williams” collection. This film revolves around a cop (Al Pacino) who is looking for a suspect in a killing. He starts receiving anonymous calls from Robin Williams, who says that he has information about the killer. What will happen next in this story?


What Dreams May Come (1998)

This movie may be hard to watch at this particular time, but it is still an amazing, and overtime it should be viewed. This movie is about Chris Nielson, who just recently passed away in a car crash. He is very upset by this fact, but he decides to make use of his time, by looking for his wife. Will he be able to find his wife?

Robin Williams does an amazing job in everything he does, whether it be comedy, suspense or a sad movie that will bring tears to your eyes. He is an excellent actor that will be missed. Thank you, Robin Williams.

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