New leaders take charge

lj Brant


Dana Bezman

D. Bezmen

With the 2014-2015 school year in full swing, Kings now has a new Class President along with three new Vice Presidents. L.J. Brant now holds the top post in Student Government, along with Delaney Souder, Sarah Willen, and Sean McLeod serving as his vice presidents.

The job of a president is to run council meetings and be responsible for making sure everything is in order. Brant will also be the Master of Ceremonies at graduation this spring.

The vice presidents share various duties, such as organizing prom, homecoming and representing the senior class as a whole. The president must meet certain criteria before becoming president in order for the year to run smoothly.

“In order to be a president L.J will have to have a study hall during the day. They have to be organized and work well with all types of students and teachers.” said Student Government Adviser Melanie Contratto.

She said this year’s three vice presidents marks a change from previous years.

“The total votes for president were decisive. (Good number of votes between president and next person). The total votes for vp were extremely close, within just 1-2 votes of each other, so I chose to take the three,” said Contratto.

President and vice presidents started preparation for the upcoming school year this summer, setting goals and making plans, and continue to meet often and throughout the year, said Contratto.

Brant began his reign as during the Class of 2014 graduation ceremony on May 24. He said he has mixed emotions about serving such an important post.


Souder and McLeod

“I’m a little nervous to be president but excited at the same time. I’m happy that my class thought I’d be able to represent them well,” said Brant.

Contratto said is excited for the 2014-2015 year and working a new crop of leaders.

“The incoming senior class have always been a very active class and I am looking forward to working with these officers this year.”

So far the vice presidents have been enjoying their time in office.

“I absolutely love it,” said Souder. “It has given me more opportunities to meet new people.”

Souder said a family member inspired her to run.

“My older cousin, Mackenzie Seiter, was vice president while I was a sophomore, so I got to see everything that she was working on and it made me want to run.”

While Souder was inspired by her cousin, McLeod said he was inspired by his class.

“Just hearing from the class representatives on how they think we can improve school activities, or suggesting new ones that will get the entire school involved is exciting for me,” he said.



The third vice president, Sarah Willen, decided she wanted to help run the school in her final year because of her previous experience with student council.

“I joined student council my junior year and loved it,” she said. “It was fun to be a part of the ‘behind the scenes’ planning for different school events, and I thought, ‘What better way to continue that and represent my grade than to run for some kind of presidency,’” said Willen.

The group’s first big adventure is currently underway, as Homecoming season is almost here. A court has been selected, and plans for Spirit Week and the dance are being finalized.

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