Now streaming: Knights football


Grace Wolf

G. Wolf

With a Knights varsity squad headed for the playoffs, Friday night under the lights remains a huge event in the Kings community, as thousands of residents make their way to Knight Stadium for some football.

But for many who may not be able to make it to the game — due to weather, childcare, or other circumstances — Kings has an alternative. Like many professional sporting events, Kings football games are broadcast live on the internet, accessible anywhere in the world.

Athletic Director Phil Poggi said that in June, Kings launched a page on the website highschoolcube. The purpose of this page is to live-stream sporting events from the press box of the stadium.

The “Cube” is run by two Kings parents and former WKNG radio broadcasters: Nicholas Fantini and Brian Cunningham (pictured above). The pair narrate the games with play-by-play and color commentary such as background on players and stories of interest.

Cunningham said he had been broadcasting for WKNG radio for four years, but this is his first year streaming online on the high school cube.

“Phil (Poggi) set up the website and asked me and Nicholas to broadcast, and now we do it every home game,” Cunningham said. “It’s a fun way to participate in the Kings Athletics program.”

Some area schools are not set up to broadcast to the Cube, so those away games are not always available. But if the game is at Kings, you can be sure to watch it live. Archives of past games are also available for streaming, as well as some men’s soccer games and junior varsity football games.cube

The website is available from anywhere. Videos of football games have been netting more than 700 views, the most popular stream being the Sept. 27 varsity football game against Loveland when the Knights beat the Tigers 31-13.

“The broadcasts enable people interested in following the Kings football program a way to stay involved even if they can’t make it to games,” Cunningham said,

For Knights fans who have moved out of state or even abroad, the high school cube streaming is a helpful resource.

Nick Wolf, a former knights football player, is currently attending Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisc., where he also plays football.

“I enjoy watching my home team on the Cube because it shows how they have evolved since I’ve played, and they are fortunately very successful this year,” Wolf said.

Coach Andy Olds said his players and staff are excited that fans get to watch from all over.

“The players draw energy from the fans and their presence while on the field,” Olds said.

Currently 8-0 with two games left to play, the Knights have clinched a spot in the Ohio Division 2 playoffs. Cunningham said residents will be able to watch the games online here.


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