KHS launches new Science Academy

Sci Acad

Alexa Murray

A. Murray

A new opportunity in the Kings District will help students involved in STEM explore their interests through hands-on research.

Kings High School science teacher Ashley Warren has created the Science Academy, a program that connects students with different colleges and universities, along with providing internship and job shadowing opportunities. The biggest portion of the academy, however, will consist of a scholarship competition.

The idea behind the scholarship is student-based inquiry.

“We have really awesome students and I think that they have their own ideas that they would love to research,” Warren explains.

In March, students will present their original research to a panel scientists.

The exact amount of the scholarship will depend on who donates and who will continue to donate each year, but the goal will be to award a first prize in several different disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Other prospects work with research labs at companies such as General Electric and Procter & Gamble in addition to partnerships with UC outreach.

Annie Orr, Kings senior, looks forward to attending the meetings, which will occur once or twice a month beginning in mid-November.

“I want to go into medicine and a lot of medicine involves research,” she explains.

Outside of school she has pursued hands-on learning, such as a recent interview with Brett Kissela, MD, the chair of UC’s Department of Neurology and Medicine who has done leading research on strokes. This kind of practical experience adds enrichment that cannot be easily replicated in the traditional classroom. The Science academy will bring such opportunities into the high school.

“I think it’s a cool learning opportunity for how I would integrate what I do in school into the real world.”

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