Out of Nuisance, a new project rises


Maddie DePaoli

M. DePaoli

Everyone has had a dream of what they wanted to be when they grew up, but just how many people actually make that happen?

Kings 2013 graduate Drew Schueler (pictured left with two of his bandmates) and the members of his new alternative/indie rock band, The Civics, are out to catch their dreams of making it big in the world of music.

Many in the Kings community may remember Schueler as a member of “Nuisance,” the popular Kings High School band that played local gigs and always headlined the school’s musical events like Music Mania. Soon after its members graduated from Kings and went their separate ways for college, the band split up. Nuisance is officially disbanded.

But Drew kept on making music. He met the other members of The Civics while volunteering and performing at local church Rivers Crossing. They all shared a passion for music and thus the band was created. Members include Schueler, Robbie Householder, Garrett Householder, Jerome Obholz, and Anthony Vorndran.


Having grown up with his dad playing music, Schueler aspired to be just like his father: performing in front of crowds and writing his own music someday.

“God has blessed me with these gifts and I intend to use them to give hope to those who need it. To inspire people to believe. To make a difference” said Schueler, now a sophomore at Belmont University in Nashville.


KHS 2013 graduate Garrett Householder

The Cincinnati-based band’s single, “Been All Over” has already made it to the radio station “Salford City Radio” in England, and now the band is currently celebrating their new EP “Through the Noise,” which was released on Nov. 4 and includes three new songs.

Schueler plans to be on tour with the band in five years and making a living solely off of music. Some people may believe this is far fetched, but Schueler keeps a positive attitude.

“I strongly believe you can do anything you put your mind to with determination, motivation, and a good heart,” he said.

Though Nuisance split up, they had a good run, and Schueler is moving on to even bigger and better things with The Civics. With his aim to inspire and help people through his music, Schueler and the band are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

“So here I am, following my dreams, and never giving up.”

Submitted art. The Civics will open for the popular Cincy band The Rusty Griswolds at a Holiday Kickoff Party on Black Friday, Nov. 28 at The Venue in Fields Ertle.

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