Catalyst continues to grow

Reagan Heck

R. Heck


At Kings High School, there are many clubs for students to get involved in, and Catalyst is one of the many. Since 2011, Catalyst has succeeded at KHS, and allows for people to help others through the kindness of their hearts.

Catalyst is a student run club at Kings High School that allows students to have the opportunity to be there for people in need, or advise others with good advice.

Tammi Snell, a biology teacher at KHS, is also the advisor of Catalyst. “Catalyst is a group created on the premise that you treat others the way you want to be treated,” Snell said.

Catalyst is welcoming of all students willing to take part in the club. Any student with an idea for Catalyst, is welcomed to join the club, and become more involved with the school.

Many students are involved with Catalyst and want to make a difference within our society here at Kings. “Between all the different things that we do we have about a hundred kids involved,” Snell said.

This club sets up many events throughout the year to support others. One of these events occurred very catalyst2recently. High Schoolers traveled to South Lebanon Elementary to educate the children about the consequences of bullying.

Katana Wilde, a junior at KHS had the opportunity to attend SLE and talk with the kids. Wilde enjoyed having a discussion with the children about the effects bullying, and was excited to leave an impact on their lives.

Wilde was able to tell the children about how much bullying can change someone’s life. “It was really rewarding for me to work with the kids and teach them about what bullying can do to people,” Wilde said.

The ability to have such an effect on young children’s lives and decisions is a powerful thing. The elementary kids look up to the high schoolers. “The experience was really positive. All the kids were so excited when they saw us walk in,” Wilde said.

Catalyst Club (1)All of the high schoolers wanted to stress the importance of anti-bullying to the elementary students. “My goal was to solidify the importance of speaking against bullying,” Wilde said.

The high schoolers’ main goal was the give the children advice and information on the topic of bullying. “I wanted the children to gain more knowledge on the subject of bullying and realize how much it can alter someone’s life,” Wilde said.

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