Stadium renovation a community effort


Alexa Murray

A. Murray

This spring, Kings sports fans will notice a few cosmetic improvements to Knight Stadium, including the replacement of both the turf field and the track, along with the installation of a steeplechase pit.

Turf fields are typically guaranteed for eight years, so considering this from a safety perspective as well as the amount of maintenance the field would otherwise require, replacement is critical. Tracks last for an even shorter amount of time, about five to seven years.

Thanks to the maintenance department, both have lasted almost ten years, but improvements are due. 

Like the hurdle, the steeplechase pit serves as a barrier in track events. There are generally five barriers per lap, and one is the pit, which is essentially a small pool of water in the path of the track.

The pit will allow the track program to branch out. Several Kings athletes have ranked nationally, but previously the team has not been able to practice or compete in the event at the high school. There are five home meets in the season, during which Kings will now be able to do the event.

One student who has been competing in steeplechase events is L.J. Brant. For the past three years, he has been participating in four events per year, as well as having participated in Junior Olympics and summer leagues.

According to Brant, the installation of the steeplechase pit will “give other people the opportunity to do it.”

Phil Poggi, Kings Athletic Director, says the renovation “was a true Kings community effort … it was an amazing combination of the booster club, district administrators, and coaches.”

Because of this, there was “no severe outlay” of the budget and the district “didn’t have to go to tax payers,” Poggi said.

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