Atop KJH, a high-tech weather station


Amanda Bledsoe

A. Bledsoe

There is no denying that the weather in Ohio can be very unpredictable. Lucky for Kings, the district has its very own weather station on the roof of the Junior High.

Kings has partnered with WeatherBug by Earth Networks since 1993, a source that provides weather data with over 8,000 stations across the United States. The organization delivers information on weather through real-time sensors and high definition cameras.

The Kings camera gives a full, real-time view Knight Stadium. Anyone can look through the camera online to see what the weather is like on campus. A similar camera is stationed nearby at Kings Island, with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Some local weather stations such as WLWT use the Kings WeatherBug station for live weather updates. 

The WeatherBug at Kings was installed in 2011 and has been running for 3.5 years, said district business manager Steve Waldman.

If you were to trek across the high school roof to the junior high, you would see the tall, thin metal station, anchored by cinder-blocks, with its high-definition camera trained right on the stadium. It can detect temperature, humidity, lightning, wind speed and precipitation in real time. Along with the current weather, daily and monthly observations can also be obtained.

With spring coming up many sports will begin practice and conditioning just in time for spring storms. For Kings onebledsoe3 of the most important aspects of the WeatherBug is the lightning detector.

The lightning detector works by spotting lightning from six miles away and sends out an alert clearing all the fields and the stadium. A countdown clock begins from the last lightning strike. Once 30 minutes has passed without a strike detection, a clear signal occurs.

“This benefit alone provides a key resource,” Waldman said. “Protecting students and staff in difficult weather events”

Waldmann also regularly forwards updates from WeatherBug, on topics such as global temperature change, health and fitness, and even preparing your pets for extreme cold.

Access to weatherbug information can be found on the district webpage and through the WeatherBug website:

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