2Knight 2Knight journey continues

McKenzie Metzger

M. Metzger

photo (1)King’s very own a capella group, 2Knight 2Knight, recently participated in their own version of the newest Pitch Perfect movie which features ICHSA (International Championship of High School A cappella).

2Knight 2Knight performed in the Centerville semi-finals. In order to get there they had to send in a video of themselves performing. Judges chose nine groups nationwide, and 2Knight 2Knight was one of them.

But that was just the beginning. Once they were chosen for the semi-finals, the group had to perform in person. This year they have moved into the toughest division in the country, and member Emily Conway said the group fell short of their goals. Although they placed third last year, this year they did not place.

“I know we did the best we could, and I’m proud of us,” Conway said.

The winner of the semi-finals won a trip to New York. This year’s winner was Tonal Spectrum from Crest High School in North Carolina.

The ICHSA’s information can be found on the Varsity Vocals website. It talks about a cappella, competitions, and sells tickets. Varsity Vocal calls itself “the home of student a cappella”.

“Our programs give college and high school singers the opportunity to interact, compete, learn from each other, get feedback from the pros, and perform in fantastic venues around the globe,” Varsity Vocals says.

The a capella team does a lot of preparing to get them where they are. They practice twice a week for three hours and extend when necessary. Conway said the time they spend together really brings them together in friendship and is a lot of fun.

“I really like the bonding, we’re like a family,” she said.

2Knight 2Knight doesn’t work alone. King’s choir teacher, Scott Hayward, who has been teaching choir for nine years, is in charge of the talented a cappella group.

King’s started the a capella program four years ago when a group of kids expressed interest in wanting to branch out in a more pop based music. Hayward said that the popular t.v. show The Sing Off was an inspiration to the group.

Most of 2Knight 2Knight’s singers are seniors this year, which will leave the group at a bit of a predicament next year. Hayward said that the hopes for next year is to keep doing what they’re doing.

“I hope we can keep the momentum going. I think we are finally getting to a point where we are succeeding at what we do.”

More information about a cappella and pitch perfect.

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