Garvin tapped for counseling post


Amanda Bledsoe

A. Bledsoe

Change continues at Kings High School next year, as another longtime staff member says farewell.

Counselor Stan Kiehl has announced his retirement after working at Kings for more than four decades. Kiehl will finish the school year, but KHS Principal Doug Leist recently announced that he had chosen Kiehl’s successor: a familiar face to students and staff.

Math teacher Alex Garvin (above) will now comprise one quarter of the high school’s counseling staff, joining Heidi Murray, Ann Delehanty-Koenig and Terry Kahn in guiding students through their high school careers and steering them toward their lives and careers beyond.

Leist said he wanted someone who was well-suited for the job, someone who can easily relate to students, has a passion for helping them succeed in their academics and prepare them for college. And Garvin was a clear choice. 

“When I talked with Kings’ previous principal, Mr. Mader, he had nothing but great things to say about Mr. Garvin,” Leist said. “Kids respond to him well and he bonds really well with them.”

Garvin started teaching at Kings in 2006 after teaching two years in Sycamore schools. He also is a Kings football coaches football and leads the school’s Academic Quiz Team.

Garvin said he was excited about his new challenge.

“Although I am going to miss teaching kids and being in the classroom, I believe some of my strengths will be highlighted as a counselor.”

He said his experience in the classroom has prepared him well for his new role.

“From teaching I have been able to build a connection with the kids,” he said. “I feel that now I am able to understand them and can help them with what they need.”

Leist also praised Kiehl, and said filling his shoes will be tough. But Garvin’s talents will serve the school well.

“Garvin is a teacher like no other,” Leist said. “He is going to make a great counselor for the upcoming school year.”

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