Spring Break
Service or bust



L. Ashworth

While thousands of college and high school students will flock to Cancun this month for a spring break full of partying and recreation, one group of King High School’s senior girls will be travelling to Mexico to volunteer and impact the community there.

There will be eight students on the trip, seniors Brooke Renner (pictured right), Jenna Maschino, Brianne Gray, Alyssa Wright, Kelly Heitkemper, Sarina Keane, Tricia Jamieson, and Megan Howard. The group was inspired to do something atypical with their spring break and go on a trip that will truly make a difference.

When asked why she would choose to do something like this over her senior spring break, student  leader Brooke replied

“God put it on my heart to plan a trip like this, and while it has been stressful and difficult at times, I know that the impact will be huge and we will all come back home with full hearts & lasting memories.” 

The trip has been in the works since September, through an organization called Direct Christian Impact. This organization provides the basic outline of where and when groups of volunteers can help at orphanages or in places of poverty throughout Central and South America. The trip they’re participating in will have them volunteering the small town of Tizimin, located in the Yucatan peninsula. They will be visiting and running the activities of Vacation Bible School at a few different orphanages along with reaching out to the families in Tizimin.

The group is looking forward to spending time with each other and with the children and families they will be helping and to learn more about the culture and language there. A little nervousness accompanies them as it tends to when travelling to new places and cultures you aren’t familiar with, but overwhelmingly they are excited to make an impact and spend their spring break serving others. In conclusion, Brooke says

“It is always a good thing to get out of your comfort zone in order to give yourself an opportunity to grow and be used by God. From that perspective, this trip is going to be extremely eye-opening and I absolutely cannot wait! “


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