Tiles to Art: Columbia kids complete project


Dana Bezman

D. Bezmen

This year all fifth and sixth grade students at Kings worked together to help make two new projects on display in the Columbia Elementary school. One piece of work is in the cafeteria and the other is in the art room.

About every three years or so, Andrew Thomas, Columbia art teacher wants to get the kids involved in a project with an outside artist to give them a new experience with art.

This year the project was made with pieces of tile to help form a picture. The students all worked on the project during their art class with the help of Thomas and George Woidict, the outside artist. 

The art project is meant to be fun but it’s a new concept for the students to work with the rest of their school.

“This year the kids really enjoyed working together and learned a lot about teamwork and for the most part everything ran smoothly” said Thomas

Thomas enjoys seeing the kids work together while creating new art for the school.

“I look forward to doing team projects, it’s nice to see the kids learning through art and working hard to finish a big project” Thomas says.

The kids also seem to like the idea of a group project and look forward to the benefits that come from art, Gabby Phelan, sixth grade student at Columbia says,

“I liked the project because I was able to express myself.”

Along with the fun a big project like this can also bring some uneasy feelings,

“At times it was stressful because I didn’t want to mess anything up,” Phelan said.

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