Voters Speak
Large majority approves Kings levy


Maddie DePaoli

M. DePaoli

On Tuesday May 5th, 72% of Kings taxpayers voted “yes” for Issue 4, the district’s Permanent Improvement Renewal Levy, to maintain the already-established property taxes within the district and help the school maintain its facilities.

Taxpayers within the school district will continue to pay 51 dollars per year on a home with a $100,000 market value for property taxes. The levy renewal adds no new taxes.

In a press release , Superintendent Tim Spinner stated, “’Permanent Improvement’ means all money collected will be spent on property, assets, or improvements with an estimated life or usefulness of five years or more.” The money may not be spent on salaries. 

This tax is not a new tax, it has been renewed every five years since 1990. The Permanent Improvement Renewal Levy brings in $1.1 million annually. The district credits the tax for saving lots of money by ensuring HVAC replacements meet criteria, roofing restorations include EE systems, and allowing LED options for outdoor lighting.

Without the levy, the district could not provide proper resources to maintain the technology program, equipment, and maintenance, the district states. The technology program provides upgrades to the computers every 5 years, purchases software licenses, updates the district’s exchange, Unity server, and other key technology services. As for equipment and maintenance, money from the tax covers roofing restoration and replacement, parking lot repairs, and line striping for the roads.

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