Senior Edition: 2015
Favorite books of high school


The high school experience includes reading novels — some of which students want to read, and enjoy reading. Others not so much. The Knight Times survey asked seniors which books from high school was their favorite. Here are some responses.

Emily Conway- “A Lesson Before Dying because it made me cry and it’s the only one I actually read.”

Valerie Hamilton- The Glass Menagerie

Tricia Jamieson- “Into The Wild or The Great Gatsby. I’ve never disliked a book I’ve read…”

Sarah Palmer- “Animal Farm because it taught me to have my own opinions and Weber is an awesome teacher”

Maggie Cunningham- Paper Towns

Cameron Fails- Of Mice and Men

Madison Sarchet- Othello 

Helaine Berman- “My Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, it’s the most enlightening book I’ve ever read.”

Tyler LeClair- Of Mice and Men

Patrick Meredith- To Kill a Mockingbird

Spencer Bultman- To Kill a Mockingbird

Daniel Naughton- “The Hot Zone because it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever read”

JT Grugen- “To Kill a Mockingbird- it’s one of the few books I enjoyed”

Kelly Heitkemper- “Kisses from Katie, it makes me wish I could spend my time serving people rather than learning derivatives”

Rebekah N. Ortiz- “Animal Farm because it was a great story on tyranny”

Jay Wilhelm- A Separate Peace
Logan Kirby- “Fahrenheit 451 from Weber’s class , very thought provoking and taught by one of my favorite teachers”

Dustin Acree- “Fahrenheit 451 because I didn’t read a page of it and still got the highest grade in the class”

Cassidy Charneski- “To Kill a Mockingbird, Mr. Weber taught it so well”

Katrina Parton- “Gatsby! It is absolute perfection”

Chris Davis- Fahrenheit 451. It shows that a world unchecked could lead to a power hungry and scary future”

Kyelie Cudnohoske- The Shining

Brook Hemmelgarn- “The Naked Roommate because it gave so many helpful college tips”

Emily Okamoto- “Fahrenheit 451, it made me really contemplate where our society is headed”

Blayne Buckler- To Kill a Mockingbird

Bianca Oteng- Eyes Were Watching God because Junie looked like Beyonce. It was a good book and a fantastic movie”

L.J Brant- “To Kill a Mockingbird because it’s one of the only books I actually read”

Alexandre Taillan- “Great Gatsby because it had the most drama”

Autumn Mathias- “Great Gatsby, I loved the way it was written and the plot of the book”

Heather Dale- To Kill a Mockingbird because I thought it had a really good back story”

Brennan Gray- “The school handbook because I live my life by it”

Miranda Ellman- Star wars

Eric Bergeron- “Of Mice and Men because it grabbed my attention and made me want to read it on my own”

Jordan Marable- Great Gatsby

Logan McLennan- “Spark notes”

Jessie Huneck- “A Separate Peace because of the unexpected ending”

Bryan Gray- Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows

Ashley Wise- “Spark notes”

Tina Steele- “A Great and Terrible Thing”

Kelsie Findsen- “Fahrenheit 451 because it was the only book I was interested in and I read it in one day before the test”

Landon Phelps- “To Kill a Mockingbird even though I hated the class the book was still amazing”

Lauren Williams- Great Gatsby

Annie Morgenroth- “Great Gatsby- got to see the movie and the lifestyle was intriguing”

Shelby Bachmann- “Great Gatsby because it was one of the few that was actually interesting”

Delaney Hoelle- “Animal Farm because I love history and animals’

Halle Geoghegan- “To Kill a Mockingbird because it had a great message and was really the only book I remember”

Jordan Cole- “To Kill a Mockingbird because it always kept my attention”

Ben Dreikosen- “Spark-Notes”

Jordan Ruddy- Animal Farm

Sean McLeod- “Of Mice and Men. It was a short, fun book”

Carter Mott- The Old Man and the Sea

Hank McLeod- Great Gatsby

Craig Mueller- Tuesday’s with Morrie

Bekah Burwick- To Kill a Mockingbird

Alex Tasker-Moore- Great Gatsby

Katie Feldstein- Animal Farm

Avery Porcelli- Animal Farm

Sydney Mills- “Great Gatsby because it is perfect and the best book ever”

Jared Wheeler- To Kill a Mockingbird

Kyle Wegman- Great Gatsby

Garrett Dexter- “Harry Potter because they are the most entertaining”

Brady Steward- Great Gatsby

Brianne Gray- “Great Gatsby because we got to watch the movie and I love Leonardo Dicaprio”

Steven Schutte- To Kill a Mockingbird

Tevin McCall- “To Kill a Mockingbird because it was such a good,interesting, and suspenseful book”

Delaney Souder- To Kill a Mockingbird and Great Gatsby

Austin Oeder- “Jurassic Park because it was a very cool and interesting book to read”

Frederick “Ash” Schweinlin- Harry Potter. I didn’t read it FOR class I just read it IN class”

Brooke Albers- To Kill a Mockingbird

Cassie Sutts- “To Kill a Mockingbird because it was a great book and had great themes”

Tara Fears- Great Gatsby

Megan Scharner- Gatsby- “it’s perf.”

Annie Orr- “Great Gatsby because 1) Leonardo Dicaprio was in the movie and 2) it is honestly a fantastic book”

Emily Swanson- “Great Gatsby or A Tale of Two Cities”

Luke Danko- Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham

Paige Galberg- “Great Gatsby because I love the way F. Scott Fitzgerald”

Ariel Georgeff- Julius Caesar

Brooke Renner- Nicholas Sparks

Marysa Addis- “To Kill a Mockingbird- I related to Scout and loved how it presented a serious topic, but also was humorous at times”

Bree Netherly- “ To Kill a Mockingbird, Mrs. Atchison did a great job keeping us interested and the book is a classic and interesting”

Amanda Mikel- Harry Potter

Luke Schriever- “ Fahrenheit 451 because it was a sweet book that looked into the future”

Joe Ketterer- To Kill a Mockingbird

Josh Kuntz- “Great Gatsby, the book took place in my favorite era in American history”

Samantha Marner- “Great Gatsby because I love the style and writing as well as the story”

Taylor Tuggle- “To Kill a Mockingbird because the first time I read it was the summer in 8th grade, I liked it because I read it at my own free will”

Kyle Pucke- Precalc book, Blitzer

Jack Young- Hunger Games

Joe McCabe- “Great Gatsby because it was the most interesting and memorable”

Rishika Akula- “Great Gatsby because it was set in the 1920’s”

Vincent Kremer- To Kill a Mockingbird

Mckenzie Metzger- Great Gatsby

Niki Walter- “ A Tale of Two Cities, I liked the story”

Addison Webster- Great Gatsby

Danielle Joehnson- To Kill a Mockingbird

Angelina Grosso- “Animal Farm by George Orwell because it was really weird, but really awesome”

Alison Bruemmer- I Am the Cheese

Tyler LeClair- Of Mice and Men

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