Senior Edition: 2015
What will you miss most?


While in high school, students are prone to become cynical towards the establishment. However students at KHS were able to muster up some good feelings about the past four years when posed the question: What will you miss most about high school?

Helaine Berman- “Cracking my back on the desks each day.”

Brooke Renner- “The community here and going crazy at football games.”

Maryssa Addis- “The wonderful way the staff and teachers treat us, and all the opportunities we have here.” 

Landon Phelps- “Being with my classmates and friends that I’ve known for 12 years. Its going to be hard to not see them every day.”

Madison Wallace- “The family feeling with both friends and teachers.”

L.J. Brant- “The cross country team, they are family to me.”

Jacob Meyer- “Madame Daggy’s Classe de Francais.”

David Himes- “That one class every year that we do nothing but talk in for at least the first half of the bell.”

Logan Mclennan- “Not the food.”

Kelsie Findsen- “Having teachers that actually care about my future.”

Annie Morgenroth- “Being with friend everyday, chocolate ice cream at lunch and sushi tuesday!”

Cassidy Charneski- “Hanging out with Carl Schler every day.”

Jimmy Koloseike- “Ben Cooper’s reluctance to surf.”

Anna McCullough- “School dances, dress-up days and pep assemblies.”

Kyle Pucke- “I will miss how close everyone is with one another.”

Grace Wolf- “MR. WEBER!”

Spencer Bultman- “Friday night football games.”

Tricia Jamieson- “The familiarity if it.”

Sarah Palmer- “Sushi Tuesday and the fact that Kings doesn’t cost me thousands of dollars.”

Maggie Cunningham- “Seeing Mr. Chamberlain and Mrs. Parker everyday.”
Kelly Heitkemper- “I will miss Mr. Tilton’s funny impressions of annoying teen girls.”

Carter Mott- “Playing soccer in front of a big crowd.”

Sean McLeod- “The connection I have with my teachers.”

Emily Swanson- “The marching band.”

Kyle Handorf- “Kings football and the Class of 2015.”

Daniel Naughton- “Kevin Minds.”

Carissa Kloeker- “I will miss all of my art classes. Those were my favorite, especially DMA.”

Jake Jelinek- “Mr. Holtrey’s class.”

Jordan Cole- “The teachers and the community and Mr. Holtrey’s class.”

Dustin Acree- “Theatre.”

Leah Ball- “Participating in the theatre productions and getting to know my castmates in the way I did.”

Michael Albino- “Cross Country.”

Jenna Maschino- “Visiting Coach Katie between 2nd+3rd, 3rd+4th, and 5th+6th bells.”

Austin Seiter- “All the inside jokes i won’t be able to share with others.”

Alison Bruemmer- “I’ll miss playing in orchestra the most. I’ve been playing viola for almost 6 years and i’m getting really good, so it will be awkward not playing every day.”

Vincent Kremer- “Honestly, the leniency. School is school, life is hard.”

Megan Scharner- “La Clase de Espanol.”

Tara Fears- “Seeing Megan’s face every day.”

Cassie Sutts- “Everyone knowing everyone.”

Ash Schweinlin- “Getting to use Mrs. Shield’s video equipment.”

Austin Oeder- “I will miss football games the most out of anything.”

Delany Souder- “SUSHI TUESDAY!”

Hank McLeod- “The community and fellowship i have found.”

Katie Feldstein- “Pulling crazy antics with Andrew.”

Avery Porcelli- “My honors physics class.”

Halle Geoghegan- “Running the 4×400 relay and having everyone cheer for you.”

A large number of seniors stated they will miss seeing all their friends and teachers everyday and leaving there underclassmen friends behind.

By Billy Parton

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