Senior Edition: 2015
Five years from now?


Each senior student has an idea of what their life will be after they leave Kings High School, with a plethora of unpredictable paths these years senior will take. The Knight Times asked: Where do you see yourself in five years? Here are the responses:

Tyler LeClair- Manager trainee program at Cintas.

Madison Sarchet- Living out west in grad school.

Cameron Fails- In school working towards my doctorate.

Maggie Cunningham- Teaching a 2nd grade class with 50 cats. 

Andrew Hay- Still in school or working for Google.

Kylie Gay- Hopefully not in Ohio.

Sarah Palmer- As a successful financial accountant with a very nice job.

Tricia Jamieson- Working, hopefully in another country. I want to be a civil engineer and help people while traveling

Valerie Hamilton- In law school

Helaine Berman- A mental institution

Grace Wolf- In the peace corps

Jay Wilhelm- Working at my first real job

Rebekah Ortiz- Probably having an existential crisis in the shower for two hours

Kelly Heitkemper- I would love to spend a year serving in another country

Elkins- My first year of graduate school

J.T Grugen- Working for Microsoft or starting my own technology related business

Daniel Naughton- Medical school

Spencer Bultman- Starting to attend chiropractic school in Georgia

Patrick Meredith- In a sports CV6 Mercedes

Anna McCullough- Working at Graeter’s and living in my own apartment and getting a second
job at a retirement community.

Brooke Renner- Working for an accounting agency and starting my own organization to help orphans around the world

Ariel Georgett- On a zip line in Walt Disney World as Tinkerbell

Josh Kuntz- Somewhere in the automotive industry as an engineer preferably for a luxury division

Marysa Addis- Getting my degree in aerospace engineering and going on to grad school

James Ruegsegger- Graduate from UC as an engineer

Paige Galberg- Teaching (hopefully at Kings) an elementary school class and acting at a community theater

Leah Ball- Living in NYC and working behind-the-scenes for Disney on Broadway

Luke Danko- In college

Emily Swanson- Teaching math in a high school near Cincinnati

Annie Orr- In some sort of medical school

Rishika Akula- Still in college

McKaeli Garner- Running from the law

Angeline Grosso- Traveling the world

Jenna Spiros- A nurse at Children’s Hospital

Ben Dreikosen- In my own place with an engineering job, hopefully traveling the world

Armin Rajauskas- In college of medicine

Michael Albino- Engineer

Grant Stober- Working in a mechanic shop in Kentucky

Alison Bruemmer- Hopefully still be studying psychology or becoming a successful artist

Mikayla Oury- Doing something I love

Michael Sannella- Living in New York City

Gabe Mattardi- Working as a financial advisor

Jordan Ruddy- Working my way up in the company GulfStream

Sean McLeod- Finishing out my college and hopefully getting a job from an co-op, I would also like to lead Young Life.

Carter Mott- In Germany

Hank McLeod- Graduating college and looking for a job in the missionary field

Joe Ketterer- Hopefully working for my family business, the Ketterer Company in marketing

Luke Schriever- Serving in the United States Navy

Craig Mueller- Graduated and searching for a good job and preparing for my masters degree

H. Faith O’Leary-In a hippy van with Fallon and Miranda with all of our cats

Bekah Burwick- In a warm state still in college

Alex Taker-Moore- Living in Oregon

Katie Feldstein- Earning my masters in Biomedical Engineering

Avery Porcelli- Maybe married, graduating with my BSN degree

Sydney Mills- Graduate from college and starting my career (probably as an elementary-school teacher)

Jared Wheeler- At my house sleeping good

Kyle Wegman- On a beach making bank
Garrett Dexter- Still in college

Sophia Post- Out of college with a good steady job

Brady Stewart- Graduated from college and working somewhere out of Ohio

Brianne Gray- Graduated with my undergrad and traveling before settling down with a job

Steven Schutte- Either in college for my masters or in my first job

Tevin McCall- Working in the business field

Kelsi Schumacher- Graduating college hopefully with a job in a classroom

Deany Souder- Hopefully married with a son, in New York

Austin Oeder- Either working at an investment bank in New York, getting my MBA or owning my
own business

Colin O’Sullivan- Teacher out of college

Frederick Schweinlin- Working as an artist in Japan

Brooke Albers- Still at The Ohio State University

Cassie Sutts- Working for a company in Europe

Tara Fears- In grad school for nurse practitioning

Megan Scharner- In grad school working on pediatric nurse practitioner

Polly Denny- In my house

Jenna Maschino- Law school or traveling the world

Alex Dalton- Being an engineer

Amanda Mikel- In a different country

Bree Netherly- Dental school, hopefully at East Carolina University

Kyle Pucke- Just getting out of college with a degree in marketing and obtaining a good paying job
Jack Young- being an animator

Joe McCabe- I see myself hopefully being an actor perhaps at Broadway

Danielle Johnson- In graduate school at University of California, Berkeley

Goose Webster- I see myself traveling the world, seeing new cultures and and meeting new
people, also helping out with mother nature

Vincent Kremer- Finishing or freshly finished college

Mckenzie Metzger- In graduate school for audiology

Blayne Buckler- Earning money for a comfortable life or in the Marines

Emily Okamoto- In grad school hopefully in Portland, Oregon

Zach Klinker- Getting out of college making bank

Niki Walter- Traveling around Europe after I graduate from college

Jimmy Kolosike- Touring from country to country

Nic Wooten- Being a high school history teacher

Nick Froehlich- A city-councilman

Logan Kirby- Still in college, finishing my doctorate

Cassidy Charneski- probably really successful

Katrina Partin- Still in college starting grad school

Chris Davis- Graduate school

Kyelie Cudnonske- Starting grad school

Brooke Hemmelgarn- Starting grad school for biomedical engineering

Helena MacRoberts- Nursing- baby ICU

Mason Constable- college/working

Becca Ulloa- Alive

Jessie Huneck- Still in school

Logan McLennan- on the west coast

Matthew Heithaus- Working

Eduardo Segesis- Being a mechanical-chemical engineer

Jake Benning- Working in a big city

Annie Morgenroth- Graduated college working as a nurse in a hospital or starting graduate school with a boyfriend and puppy

Jordan Marable- Living in New York for a marketing company

Eric Bergeron- Working as a pharmacist

Miranda Ellman- Successful

Brennan Gray- Teaching or playing music on stage

Aimee Wilson- Getting comfortable in my new job

Tina Steele- Anywhere but here. On a beach with a dog

David Himes- President

Ashley Wise- Going to school for my master’s

Madison Wallace- Interning in a children’s hospital to become a child life specialist

Bryan Gray- Building homes and working on cars

Lauren Williams- Graduating from college

Landen Phelps- Working for a sports team writing/broadcasting

Kelsie Findsen- Working in a hospital taking x-rays, living in a house beginning to start a family

Bianca Oteng- Doing well in college then attending medical school

L.J Brant- Starting my own business

Meagan Milligan- A nurse or teacher

Heather Dale- Doing something I love and not just a job

Rachel Garritano- Living in NYC or Chicago

Alexandre Taillan- In Texas working for an engineering company

Alex Palmieri- NYC making bank

Jacob Meyer- Hunting Han Solo on board my spaceship

Delany Hoelle- Vet school.

Jayme Carlton- Working alongside crime scene investigators.

Shelby Bachmann- Starting my career making a lot of money with a hot boyfriend.

Shayla Schrenk- Hopefully working as a buyer for a clothing/ department store.

Autumn Mathias- In college still about to graduate (5 year program) and about to move to Seattle.

By Dana Bezmen

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