Senior Edition: 2015
Your Favorite Memories

IMG_7532Whether you’re looking back on your awkward freshman self or looking ahead to the fun times left with your classmates, there are many memories to be made throughout the four years at Kings. It’s hard to look back on all of the special moments that will stay with you forever and pick just one to call your favorite. However, our seniors managed to do just that. A sports team, a musical group, or a favorite class … seniors reflect on it all. Lots of memories inside …

Madison Sarchet:
Coaching with Shelbie Bachman.

Cameron Fails:
My basketball senior night against Walnut Hills.

Helaine Berman:
When Kelly Schroeder almost ran a red light and we nearly lost our lives.

Tyler LeClaire:
Having the perfect regular season record in football.

Maggie Cunningham:
Freshman year lacrosse.

Tricia Jamison:
Using a trebuchet to launch cheeseburgers from the middle of the football field into the stadium stands.

Sarah Palmer:

Kylie Gay:
Getting a tattoo at 16 in Clifton without my parents’ permission.

Alex Taillan:
Beating Mr. Tilton in a rap battle in Mr. Goldie’s 5th bell freshman year.

Kyelie Cudnohoske:
All of the lunch conversations I had with the people I sat with senior year.

Brooke Hemmelgarn:
Launching cheeseburgers into the football stands with a trebuchet built in Mr. Shields’s class.

Emily Okamoto:
Me and my best friends in intro to DMA Freshman year.

Blayne Buckler:
Boxing Ethan Silva sophomore year.

Bianca Oteng:
When it was senior night for basketball and we beat Walnut Hills and the student section tried to storm the court.

Chris Davis:
Music Mania, all of them.

Katrina Partin:
My whole senior year.

JT Grugen:
The time a creepy senior followed me back to Journalism and eventually joined the class to the dismay of everyone else.

Kelly Heitkemper:
Mrs. Wysong was explaining something about enzymes and related it to breaking a toothpick with your feet. She said it wasn’t possible but I challenged her and I broke it and defeated Wysong for good.

Rebekah Ortiz:
Almost tripping into open flames while on stage at NHS inductions.

Jay Wilhem:
Making a cops video in Mr. Robison’s Class with Bryan Firsich and Alex Palmieri.

Emily Conway:
Reading Buddies.

L.J. Brant:
Boxing Matt Drew my freshman year. I made his nose bleed and he gave me a black eye.

Logan Kirby:
Senior year in AP DMA, annoying Mrs. Shields and Mrs. Barnes.

Valerie Hamilton:
Making fun of Mr. Hicks’s class.

Dustin Acree:
Theatre; particularly Beauty and the Beast.

Daniel Naughton:
Making music and movies with Cinco Chains.

Eli Elkins:
Flipping off Jim Brant during the ultimate frisbee challenge.

Brooke Renner:
Storming the field after the Glen Este football game this year with all the seniors.

Megan Howard:
My mission trip to Mexico over spring break.

Ariel Georgoff:
Presenting the book project in Mrs. Wheeler’s 11th grade english class and leaving my class speechless.

Anna McCullough:
The senior solo night celebration choir concert singing Opportunity by Sia. And also having fun in choir all year.

James Ruegsegger:
Something that happened in Calculus.

Paige Galberg:
Acting in the fall play Almost, Maine this year.

Marysa Addis:
Kings after prom.

Leah Ball:
Going to Columbus for the state competition for Business Professionals of America. Spending time with my friends and Mrs. Shields and Mrs. Barnes was so much fun and I’m grateful for the experience.

Luke Danko:
In marching band.

Emily Swanson:
Being selected as Drum Major.

Annie Orr:
Being in Macbeth and A Christmas Carol.

Rishika Akula:
AP English Literature with Mrs. Snyder and my hooligan classmates (who stressed out too much).

McKaeli Garner:
St. Pete.

Angelina Grosso:
When it snowed and Mrs. King let our AP Government class go out into the courtyard and play in the snow.

Jenna Spiros:
Senior year C lunch with Annie, Shelby, Halle, Megan, Bianca, Hank, and Garrett.

Ben Dreikosen:
Beating Moeller in soccer.

Stew Levan:
YouTube Fridays in Mr. Poggi’s class.

Armin Rajauskas:
Being Indiana Jones and running across chairs in multiple classes.

Michael Albino:
Homecoming and high school in general.

Grant Stober:
Getting my license on my 18th birthday.

Alison Bruemmer:
Orchestra parties, spirit week, art shows, and when Mr. Tilton and the class played “who’s that band/musician” and I guessed a lot of them right.

Mikayla Oury:
My senior prom night, dancing with my wonderful boyfriend of two and a half years.

Michael Sannella:
Spanish 3 with Mrs. Laudermilk.

Jordan Ruddy:
Can’t pick just one, chillen with good people.

Sean Mcleod:
Playing lacrosse with friends.

Carter Mott:
Scoring a goal on my SENIOR NIGHT.

Hank Mcleod:
Younglife Camp in Rockbridge my sophomore year.

Joe Ketterer:
Probably when Dimes was presenting in Mrs. Wheeler’s class and was trying to be funny but stopped his presentation early.

Luke Schreiver:
The thought of graduation.

Craig Mueller:
Getting to hang out with Mr. Meagly and Mr. McDonough after rehearsals and messing around.

H. Faith O’Leary

Bekah Burwick:
Creating B Squad sophomore year with Carl (queen B), Brian Cells, Cassidy C, McKaeli, and Maddie Stock.

Alex Tasker-Moore:
Working with special needs kids.

Katie Feldstein:
My trip to Israel senior year.

Avery Porcelli.
Every time Tevin made a comeback. He’s funny af.

Sydney Mills:
Senior year lunch with Lindsay Carter and Delaney Hoelle because they are two of the kindest people I know, we have a lot of fun together, and I’ll miss them a lot next year.

Jared Wheeler:
Dance battle before school.

Kyle Wegman:
During Monster Mash, when we dressed up as an Amish fam.

Garrett Dexter:
Younglife Camp.

Sophia Post:
Senior year spring break.

Brady Steward:
Redo Day. Redo Day was the greatest day for the senior class.

Brianne Gray:
Coach Callahan getting fired.

Steven Schutte:
Playing ultimate frisbee and meeting some people I hadn’t met before.

Tevin McCall:
Football games (ECC Championship).

Kelsi Schumacher:
Mark Byrd becoming a teacher.

Delaney Souder:
Jim Brant’s prom talk at track.

Austin Oeder:
When we won the ECC Championship.

Colin O’Sullivon:
Going to McDonald’s.

Frederick “Ash” Schweinlin:
These weeks after the AP tests where I could hang out in the courtyard.

Brooke Albers:
When Mr. Woodall and I flipped each other off in the hallway.

Cassie Sutts:
When Carter brought a fish to school and Alexa H. brought her bunny for German class.

Tara Fears:
Honors Chem sophomore year with Mrs. Warren because we had a really good table and Mrs. Warren is the best.

Megan Scharner:
Friday night football games.

Jenna Maschino:
Senior night for high school.

Polly Denny:
Going to pep rallies.

Alex Dalton:
Going on the New York trip. I loved being able to take a few days off to travel to a fantastic city like New York and see rap battles, eat Chinese, and play Monkey Ball.

Amanda J. Mikel:

Bree Netherly:
Being in the tennis coaches classic my sophomore year. Even though we lost, it was still a great experience.

Jordan Marable:
NYC and hockey trip.

Annie Morgenroth:
Friday night football games.

Jake Benning:
Senior spring break… ‘nuff said.

Eduardo J. Torres Sejesύs:

Matthew Heithaus:
Andy Dalton hitting me with a fireball in Mrs. Warren’s class.

Logan Mclennan:
Mikal hitting a kid with a cookie.

Jessie Huneck:
Parties in Mrs. Kings’ room.

Becca Ulloa:
After Prom 2015.

Mason Constable:
Squading up with the boys after school.

Helena McRoberts:
Choir my freshman and sophomore year.

Ashley Wise:
Senior year in general.

Tina Steele:
Marching band.

Aimee Wilson:
There was a cricket stuck in the wall of Mr. Shields’ room and he was going insane so he vacuumed it and it jumped out so he taped it to the projector.

Brennan Gray:
Playing frisbee with Officer Downs.

Miranda Ellman:
Leaving it.

Eric Bergeron:
My sophomore year because I had above a 4.0 gpa.

Autumn Mathias:
Learning how to ski with my friends.

Emme Mattaridi:
Tech week.

Shayla Schrenk:
Cheering at Friday night football games.

Shelby Bachman:
The big football games like Glen Este when we got to dress up and all come together as a school to cheer for our team. Also SB2k15.

Jayme Carlton:
Learning new things and going out for things that I never would have done.

Delaney Hoelle:
Fresh Friday Flow; Looking for rollie pollies on the nature trail senior year for zoology.

Jacob Meyer:
That one time with the football.

Alex Palmieri:
Senior spring break.

Rachel Garritano:
Freshman year when Mr. Goldie and Andrew Hepp had an eating contest.

Heather Dale:
The pep-rallies, because every class just had so much energy and had fun.

Meagan Milligan:
Senior year.

Kelsie Findsen:
Finding the turtle (Leroy) on the nature trail and leaving him at school to spend the night.

Landon Phelps:
Working in the snack shop with Klinker all sophomore year.

Lauren Williams:
Listening to music first bell senior year.

Bryan Gray:
My first high school girlfriend.

Madison Wallace:
NYC trip and football games.

By Haley Frye

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