Senior Edition: 2015
Senior Wills: Class of 2015


All students learn something from their high school experience. They all hold something that is special to them like a friendship, a sport, a teacher, an experience that they will never forget. Many of those memories are shared throughout this special Senior Edition of The Knight Times. But below are those experiences so precious to the Class of 2015 that they want to pass them on to those who will follow. Presenting the “Senior Wills” …

“I, Madison Wallace, will to Camden Wallace to become taller than me by the time you’re a senior.”

“I, Lauren Williams, will to Lindsey Williams my knowledge and wisdom.”

“I, Landon Phelps, will to John Lehman the ability to manipulate your way through dart wars.”

“I, Bianca Oteng, will to Brooke Williams, the amazing basketball team the Nati Nightmares.”

“I,Brooke Renner, will to Juliana Rizzo to be the greatest senior captain King’s soccer has ever seen, to become Joe’s BFF, and to make FCA even better than it is now.”

“I, Austin Seiter, will to Simon Melton ‘Ball is Life’. Carry on the frisbee tradition.”

“I, Marysa Addis, will to Katie Feldstein all the lettuce.”

“I, Helaine Berman, will to Azalea Laverde all of my incense and other hipster stuff.”

“I, Ariel Georgeff, will to Skyler Reisinger writing letters to cast members for second night performances.”

“I, Alex Dalton, will to Kevin Minds and Matt Jones all of the knowledge I have obtained about MatLab. In other words, I will to them absolutely nothing.”

“I, Mikayla Oury,will to Erica and Megan Preston to have the best high school years ever, go to every school dance you can go to, and stay out of drama.”

“I, Michael Sannella, will to Mark Sanella my wrestling talent.”

“I, Jenna Spiros, will to Lizzy Woeste and Michaella Ruschau the KVB glory and warm up CD.”

“I, Grant Stober, will to Shelby Loebber my engineering skills.”

“I, Jenna Maschino, will to Juliana Rizzo to be the caboose during our soccer runs.”

“I, Megan Scharner, will to Brooke Conner the job of designing cute cross country spiritwear and track tanks.”

“I, Tara Fears, will to Megan Sichterman the duty and continuation of initiation of first time state qualifiers.”

“I, Delaney Souder, will to Emily Hovis the prom table book. Good luck.”

“I, Austin Oeder, will to Jared Dorsa my ACT books and football knowledge, so that he can continue and take his talents to Princeton, Yale, or Harvard.”

“I, Colin O’Sullivan, will to Kyle Rhodes my pencil.”

“I, Frederick Schweinlin, will to Taylor Mills my sick collection of dank memes.”

“I, Patrick Meredith, will to Ryan Weber always being funny and not taking life too seriously.”

“I, Grace Wolf, will to Lydia Berg to be the next temporary wolf family member while I’m away.”

“I, Eli Elkins, will to Josh Haverland my senior leadership and team captainism.”

“I, Chris Davis, will to Jimmy Busetter the number ten.”

“I, Katrina Partin, will to Grant Altom my last piece of gum every day.”

“I, Cassidy Charneski, will to Loulu Kimbrell being the coolest cat in the school.”

“I, Matthew Heithaus, will to Benji my parking spot and locker in the junior locker bay, also some of my swag, also the master key to the school.”

“I, Logan Kirby, will to Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Shields all my artwork.”

“I, Brennan Gray, will to William Forgham all of my bad yet amazing jokes, puns, and riddles. You have a responsibility now.”

“I, David Himes, will to Jack Delehanty the ability to be a jerk to whining guys in dart wars.”

“I, Rachel Garritano, will to Michael Garritano the responsibility to take care of the mazda when you can drive.”

I, Bree Netherly, will to Zach Eubanks my legacy…and maybe my pink pen if he is lucky.

I, Amanda Mikel, will to Jordan Candell the ability to not care what others think.

I, Josh Kuntz, will to William Powell my exquisite piece of japanese machinery. Please take my car so my sister can’t wreck it next year #RIP.

I, Tevin McCall, will to Jared Dorsa my football skills because I’m obviously better than him.

I, Steven Schutte, will to Samantha Schutte three more “fun” years of high school.

I, Brianne Gray, will to Julianna Rizzo the job of doing breakdown on the soccer team.

I, Brady Steward, will to Albee Renzinbrink my Dart Wars talents and school spirit.

I, Sophia Post, will to Delaney Schueler the right to make everyone laugh in class and always be crazy in class.

I, Garrett Dexter, will to Mickey Kruse the best shoe game.

I, Kyle Wegman, will to Andrew Wegman to follow in my footsteps and have a good four years of high school.

I, Avery Porcelli, will to Emily McCarthy my power to give sass to Mrs. Wheeler.

I, Katie Feldstein, will to A.J. Feldstein the all nighters pulled in order to feel somewhat prepared for tests and exams.

I, Alex Tasker-Moore, will to Chandler Kirtcher a million more hugs and love.

I, Craig Mueller, will to Issac Slavens the painstaking taste of getting bang early to help with scaffolding, podium, props, loading and unloading the truck every time. You now have to learn to be loud and mean and always speak the brutal truth.

I, Hank McLeod, will to Jack Delahanty my beautiful purple jorts that are way too short.

I, Sarah Palmer, will to Kiki Torres my humor, my sportiness, my kindness, and my sarcasticness.

I, Kylie Gay, will to Lattrenn Thiubodeau being hurt in cheerleading…but not actually hurt.

I, Andy Hay, will to Kevin Minds fish food.

I, Maggie Cunningham, will to Zack Handorf my wisdom and enthusiasm for Sharon Nursery.

I, Cam Fails, will to Mark Sannella my ability to swoop.

I, Tyler LeClair, will to Josh Raymen the back of the KFB bus to every away game and event.

I, Madison Sarchet, will to Sarah Bruns and Elizabeth Kuhn the right to tell Coach Mark Byrd what we will and will not do at hurdle practice.

I, Taylor Tuggle, will to Shannon Tuggle the curse of always being called my name. I’m sorry.

I, Kyle Pucke, will to Blake Vilga make big things happen in the next three years. You have made Kings Lacrosse a bigger deal than it ever has. Good luck brother, its been great playing alongside of you my senior year.

I, Rishika Akula, will to Amrithraj Akula my younger brother, all of my notes, homework and tests from every class I have ever taken in high school.

I, Mckenzie Metzger, will to Katie Hacker and Elizabeth Kuhn being the most talented at all sports.

I, Anna McCullough, will to Marysa Addis, always being friends and having a good time together.

I, Jimmy Koloseike, will to Cameron Rutz some fried dumplings.

I, Jake Jelinek, will to Nick Jelinek all of the “wonderful” things you will see in the last three years of high school.

I, Cassie Sutts, will to Gabby Griffen my awesomeness, and a bottom locker for the rest of her days.

I, Brooke Albers, will to Josh Naughton the dart I killed you with in Dart Wars.

I, Niki Walter, will to Emily Hovis the stores and traditions that go along with the talking stick.

I, Gina Grosso, will to CC Reich the fun and good times I had during the four I played high school tennis.

I, Danielle Johnson, will to Chris Johnson my artistic skills.

I, Addison Webster, will to Spencer Hoover the ability to express his true freedom and to always do what his heart desires.

I, Armin Rajauskas, will to Aaron Wyatt one last hug.

I, Jacob Meyer, will to Claire Meyer some stuff.

I, Alex Palmieri, will to Zach Handorf to take the leadership of the golf team and make it to state.

I, Emme Mattaridi, will to Miss Nichols the duty of selecting the next leader of the poetry and creative writing club. May you choose the very best to continue my legacy.

I, Shayla Schrenk, will to Ellie Jelinek and Sarah Sovinsky my crazy amazing banner/sign painting skills for cheer.

I, Shelby Bachmann, will to Brooke Conner and Mary Claire Bauman our favorite spot to run.

I, Sean McLeod, will to Nick Jelinek the lacrosse skull end cap.

I, Jay Wilhelm, will to Davis Jenkins all of the great times we had on the golf team. Keep doing for Terry.

I, Carter Mott, will to Ian Crook to keep KHS’ car scene up, and to lead the soccer team.

I, Jordan Ruddy, will to Victor Corrao the Kings Mills lifestyle.

I, Jordan Marable, will to the Junior Class to have fun and not regret anything.

I, Sam Marner, will to Loulu Kimbrell sarcasm.

I, Kyle Handorf, will to Avery Roe to wear the number eight on Kings football.

I, Emily Swanson, will to Shannon Thiel my rainbow pens.

I, JT Grugen, will to Madison Stowers my collection of really bad pens that only you find funny.

I, Annie Morgenroth, will to Liz Lynch the “best smile” senior superlative.

I, Meagan Milligan, will to Shannon Brown all of my belongings.

I, L.J. Brant, will to Taylor Brant the ability to balance everything that was willed to me by Zach Middleton.

I, Miranda Ellman, will to Andrea Ellman to be a free spirit and dance wherever she wants.

I, Eric Bergeron, will to Thomas Bergeron strive for success and make the best decisions.

I, Autumn Mathias, will to Crissy Chavez my compassion and love for helping others.

I, Delaney Hoelle, will to Camryn Hoelle my brain.

I, Jessie Huneck, will to Ryan Huneck my experience, knowledge, and time.

I, Eddie Torres, will to Kiki Torres all of my homework from my past classes.

I, Emily Okamoto, will to Zach Eubanks all of the leftover glitter on my car seats from prom.

I, Emily Conway, will to Kira Doebereiner, my man snap.

I, Valerie Hamilton, will to Rachel Buckel the will to survive senior year.

I, Dustin Acree, will to whoever receives locker #89 my chandelier of locks.

I, Spencer Bultman, will to Grant Coleman the position of number one pole vaulter and being the brunt of all the jokes.

By Mckenzie “Double-M” Metzger

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