The Class of 2028?


Kylie Benning

K. Benning

As the school year begins, the Kings Class of 2016 is preparing to graduate, while the class of 2028 is just beginning their journey.

The kindergartners at Kings Mills Elementary in Allison Cory’s classroom are among the ones who are beginning this journey. As they sat down for their afternoon math lesson it was easy to see how energetic, eager and determined this group of kids were. Each and every one of them had their own individual and vibrant personalities. Whether they were outgoing or shy was very clearly seen.

Kindergartners are a reminder of how simple life can be. They have big dreams for their future careers. Most of these are brought about by the characters they see on TV and the role models they have in their lives.

“I want to be a cowboy when I grow up,” said Liam, plainly and simply in Cory’s class on a recent afternoon.

Many other kids knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up as well. David was the first to say he wanted to be a police officer. Gwen, with the utmost confidence, said she wants to be a pilot. Carson said he wanted to be a car wash man, because he loves bubbles of course.KINDERGARTEN2

Along with being determined, this kindergarten class exemplified nothing but the best behavior and manners.

“My favorite part of school is when I get to move my card to orange,” said Rowen.

Moving your card to orange is a big deal in kindergarten. It means that you have been very well behaved and followed directions.

“It’s the best color you can get,” explained Rowen.

Be on the lookout for the class of 2028. In 12 years these same kids will walk the halls of the high school as seniors, preparing to graduate and take the next step in their lives. Before they know it they will be headed off into the world, becoming a police officer, a pilot, a car wash man, or maybe even a cowboy.

“I have a passion for teaching kindergarten because I know that this is the grade where the love for school can begin,” said Cory. “My students make me smile everyday and one of my many goals for them is to leave kindergarten with a love for learning, and a motivation to always go the extra mile that hopefully will continue throughout their lives in everything they do.”

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