NHS taps 54 new members

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On Monday, Oct. 5, the National Honors Society selected its newest inductees. Those “tapped” were unaware that they were being chosen. Current NHS officers arrived at the 54 inductees’ 7th-bell classes and presented them with a rose. The inductees and current members then held a ceremony in the school cafeteria. The newest members are … 


Brittani Berenz

Hunter Ghobar

Chris Jantzen

Briana Schutt

Chris Stroplos


Nigel Adams

Mikaela Allee

Andrew Bailey

Evan Bowman

Sarah Bruns

Ethan Cain

Jordan Caudell

Jared Doll

Evan Ertl Murray

Caleb Ewing

Alex Fliegel

Claire Galberg

Lauren Goslee

Logan Gray

Brendan Guerin

Michael Havrilla

Kelly Hock

Emily Hovis

Davis Jenkins

Cierra Johnson

Jillian Krynock

Alexander MacNeil

Andra Malburg

Haley McCrory

Meghan McMahon

Erin Muenchen

Jared Olberding

Alex Orr

Erik Pederson

Katie Pihl

Sam Purkiss

Hannah Rasmussen

Erin Ryan

Matt Sichterman

Avery Smith

David Smith

Laurel Smithson

Kaitlyn Snow

Kaleb Stutzman

Kayli Sugawara

Gracyn Vasquez

Kyle Ward

Anders Wikum

Laurne Woodbury

Thomas Yoder

Avery Young

Eh Yeoh Wong


photos by J. Marketos

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