DMA: Beyond the classroom


Amanda Bledsoe

A. Bledsoe

Kings High School’s AP Digital Media Arts students toured four major design companies in downtown Cincinnati.

The four companies visited were LPK, Spice Fire, Topic Design and Northlich. Each company is a different creative agency that helps launch new companies by creating a name for them through branding and digital media.

The field trip included a meeting with each company and students were able to talk to creative designers and see what a day in the life of a graphic designer was like. 

All four firms have helped brand and create advertising for companies such as P&G, Long John Silvers and Western & Southern Financial. Northlich’s recent work may be recognizable to Kings students: the company created the now-famous ad “Scooter the Neutered Cat” (pictured above), which premiered during the 2015 Super Bowl.

“We’re trying to prepare the kids for jobs and careers they are able to obtain after college,” said DMA teacher Kelly Shield. “We hope this helps students decided if this is the career path for them.”

KHS senior Grace Ficke, a DMA student, said she enjoyed the experience.

“The field trip helped open my eyes,” she said. “It was nice to see a glimpse of how digital media applies to the real world.”

Along with the field trip students were given the project of collaborating with different teachers or adult clients in Kings to help solve a design problem their client is facing.

For example, Ficke partnered with the AP Drawing students to help create a logo and design for shirts, etc. She presented her final solution in front of the creative director for LPK and he provided constructive criticism and feedback.

“Although it was a bit intimidating to have someone so professional look at our work” Ficke said, “it helped to show what I’ll have to face in the real world.”

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