Honoring Our Veterans


Kylie Benning

K. Benning

The Veterans Day parade has been a long standing tradition at J.F Burns Elementary. Today will mark 20 years of students lining the halls on Nov. 11, American flags in hand.

This year Staff Sgt. Harold Halcomb, (96, pictured above) was the parade’s Grand Marshall. This is Halcomb’s ninth year being in the parade. He is a World War II veteran who stormed Normandy in 1944, and was also in the Battle of the Bulge. He served for the United States Military for over four years.


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The parade consisted of 68 veterans. Nine years ago only 12 took part in the parade. Kindergarten through fourth graders cheered every single one of them on as they walked down the hall. Banners were hung up all around J.F Burns with “Thank you” written in big red, white and blue letters.

Following the parade there was a Q&A session where the veterans were able to talk about their time in the service. Halcomb shared memories of Normandy and his time in the war. Many of them simply gave thanks to everyone there who came out to support them.

Students were also able to remember those in their families who served in the military by hanging a picture of them on “The Wall of Honor”. They were also allowed to invite a family member who has served to come and eat lunch with them today.

Principal Cheryl Montag ended the Q&A with, “We will be here every year on Nov. 11. We always say it’s the best day of the year here at school.”

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